Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Dr. Jagjeet Singh
The M Clinic
Penang, Malaysia
Fat Grafting Body Contouring Liposuction Rhinoplasty Fillers Breast Augmentation Neurotoxin Post-Bariatric Body Contouring Gynaecomastia Eyelid Surgery Genital Rejuvenation Tummy Tuck

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in aesthetic practice?
I have been in aesthetic practice for about 3 years now. Before private practice, I was a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur for five years.
What is your medical background?
• Medical Doctor qualification from University of Alberta, Canada • Master in Plastic Surgery (Universiti Sains Malaysia) • Fellowship in Plastic Surgery (Hanyang University, Bio Plastic Surgery Clinic, South Korea)
What are your medical qualifications or professional memberships?
• Malaysian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (MSPRS) • Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM) • Letter of Credentialing and Privileging (LCP)
What are the treatments/procedures do you specialise in?
• Breast augmentation • Body Contouring • Liposuction • Fat grafting • Fillers • Neurotoxin
What supplementary services/technologies do you offer in your practice?
• Male and Female Genital Rejuvenation • Sexual Wellness
How many clinics and centres do you work in?
M Clinic: G01,02,03, 27 & 28, Ground Floor, Penang Plaza, Jalan Burma, 10050, Penang, Malaysia The M Clinic will be opening a second location in Kuala Lumpur soon. Stay tuned to this space for details.
How do you price your treatments/procedures?
When undergoing surgery, think not of price but rather the service offered. When there’s quality service, prices will correspond with the treatment’s value and standard of care. Ultimately, it’s up to the patient to discern the value of treatments received according to the quality of care provided.
How are patients evaluated before treatments/procedures?
I must gauge patients’ expectations and decide if such requests are realistic. It must also be guaranteed that I can safely and successfully deliver on such expectations in order to ensure the best outcome. While procedures are tailored to needs, pathways work within the confines of realistic expectations and safety.
What are the most common concerns that patients/clients have?
Patients are most concerned about the quality and honesty of treatment. In the field of Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery, patients want to know if this is the right person or centre for procedures. This is why establishing trust and being able to deliver on that trust is the most important.
What’s your advice to new patients interested in aesthetic procedures?
All treatments whether lasers, injectables or surgeries are medical procedures. These procedures require years to learn and master. It’s imperative patients be cautious of beauty centres, and instead undergo procedures with qualified professionals to obtain the safest, most successful results. Ultimately, any procedures involving needles or blades are medical procedures.


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