Aesthetic Physician
Dr Lenzo Ling Ing Heong
Aesthetic Medicine
Selangor, Malaysia
Breast Augmentation Fat Graft Minimal Invasive Body Sculpting Reconstructive Surgery Facial Sculpturing

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Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty (CS&B) gives the skinny on in-office body contouring treatments (Part 2 of 2)
Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty (CS&B) gives the skinny on in-office body contouring treatments. (Part 1 of 2)


Dr Lenzo Ling is the best! His PRP skill improved my skin a lot. My skin used to be allergic and very sensitive, it became better after doing PRP! And Dr Ling gives the best advice!


Frequently Asked Questions

No result after aesthetic treatment?
We understand that everyone has a unique skin and “not everything works for everyone”. That’s why consultation provides you the opportunity for our doctors to customize the treatment that works best for you.
Do I really need to come for consultation?
It’s consultation necessary? Yes, it is! JUST 30mins. Research shows that consultation enhances diagnostic accuracy, hence better treatment outcome, saves money and time spent on ineffective therapies. Consultation provides the required knowledge to make informed decisions about your condition.
What are the risks associated with aesthetics?
The risks depend on what type of procedure you are having, the type of anaesthesia being used, and other factors. There are always risks involved with any kind of surgery. Your surgeon will explain all of the potential risks and complications with you prior to surgery.
What time should I arrive at the clinic location?
It’s recommended you aim to arrive 5-10mins earlier. Call ahead and reschedule if you think you'll be more than five minutes late.
How do you price your treatments/procedures?
We price them according to our skill sets, expertise, technology and anatomy know how, and the results that we are confident to deliver to meet patients expectation.
What differentiates aesthetic clinics from Spas & Beauty salons?
Spas and beauty salons are not bound by the same MOH guidelines, but clinics fall under the purview of the Ministry of Health (MOH), and are bounded by guidelines that ensure aesthetic clinics don’t over-sell or over-promise, or use words which are promotional.
How long have you been in aesthetic practice?
I have been in the industry for around 15 years, since 2004.
What is your medical background and qualifications?
I spent 3 years in a Plastic Surgery Department at the General Hospital before focusing specifically on the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery. He obtained the Board Certified American Academy Aesthetic Medicine (USA) award after that.
What treatments/procedures do you specialise in?
Full Face and Body Sculpting under Local Anaesthesia.
How would you describe yourself and your practice?
I would describe myself as a person who is always on the move, be it to enrich myself in skills or knowledge or to expand my business. Time is precious, so invest in it well to enrich your lives and the lives of those around you.