Ybhg Datin Harveen Kaur
Beauty Pageant
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Datin Harveen Kaur speaks to www.cosmeticsurgery.com and Mariel Chow about the trials that have shaped her as Mrs Malaysia and how she became a true woman of substance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the long term goals of MMW?
The main goal of MMW is to set a new benchmark for future beauty pageants, where all contestants are treated as equals and the outcome of a pageant is not driven solely by monetary value or monetary investment into the pageant.
What is the relevance of MMW in society?
MMW will provide contestants the opportunity to showcase not only their beauty, personality and potential, but also their intelligence in a local, national and international setting. These are important to contestants who plan to take on key roles within society.
What is the purpose of a beauty pageant?
the main purpose of a beauty pageant is to empower women from across the world and to enable them to bring about change regardless from personal or professional aspect of a contestant life.
How will MMW empower women?
MMW serves as a platform for women to gain courage, express themselves, boost their confidence and self-esteem as well as educate and influence people.
What are the benefits of joining MMW?
MMW builds self-discipline and confidence, friendship, motivation, personal enrichment and health. MMW also provides a stage for contestants to network and further their careers within their chosen industry.
What important qualities must a MMW contestant possess?
he list is exhaustive however a contestant should include qualities such as a positive mindset, confidence, patient and easy going nature. Good body language, humble & polite, virtuous, strong work ethic, good communication skills and a winning personality are also key qualities a MMW contestant should have.
What does the MMW audition process involve?
Generally, during the audition, a contestant can expect to experience the following: 1. Brief Introduction of yourself 2. Catwalk positioning 3. Aspirations 4. Speeches and talks from the director of the company and sponsors 5. Networking meet and greet with former beauty queens However the agenda may vary.
What makes MMW different from other beauty pageants?
MMW prides itself in upholding the standard of “beauty”. By definition, true beauty comes from within. Compassion and a loving nature towards strangers, people whom you don’t even know, is beauty. Not only speaking of doing good things but having your actions match your words is beauty.
What charities or good causes does MMW intend to support?
Various charities which promote good causes such as cancer awareness, heart disease, mental health etc. This will be done through a number of mediums such as social media, advertising, newspapers & magazines articles, sponsorship and word of mouth.
What are the responsibilities of MMW Winners?
The eventual winner will be required to perform an ambassadorial role to promote MMW and their selected sponsors. This may also extend to 2nd and 3rd place finishers.


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