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July 17, 01:50 PM

Collagen is a critical component of skin, providing structure and elasticity to keep skin looking plump and youthful. With age, collagen breaks down and the body’s capacity to re-generate collagen reduces - a double whammy for aging skin. In the first 5 years of menopause, women may lose as much as 30% of their skin collagen!

While topical lotions and potions protect against environmental hazards, is it possible for the body to rejuvenate from within? This is where Collagen Lift™ Paris comes in.
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Made in France, Collagen Lift™ Paris is a daily collagen drink that is easily absorbed by the body and has been clinically proven in trials in Germany, France and Singapore to increase collagen density in the body, reduce wrinkles by up to 50%, increase skin elasticity and hydration, strengthen nails and diminish cellulite.

Collagen Lift™ Paris is further enhanced with Mediterranean seaweed extract and Vitamin C making it a potent source of anti-aging collagen, minerals and antioxidants.

Aesthetic Physician and International Botox/Fillers/Threadlifts Trainer, Dr. Israr Wong  tells us more.
Aesthetic Physician, Dr. Israr Wong
What is collagen and why does it deplete over time?
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human form, making up 30 percent of the body’s protein molecules. It’s also the building blocks of our system’s essential structures including skin, connective tissues, bones, ligaments and tendons. There are two major factors affecting collagen loss. The first is caused by intrinsic ageing or normal ageing processes. As the sands of time trickle away, our bodies produce lesser collagen as our skin cells beome slow and sluggish. The second reason is because UV exposure causes collagen breakdown in our skin. In short, everyone suffers collagen loss daily after the age of 30, due to the combination of intrinsic and external influences.

What are the symptoms of collagen depletion?
When collagen reduces, patients notice an increment of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Furthermore, skin will feel and look textured and dull. As collagen further depletes, men and women experience deeper creases including nasolabial folds, forehead lines and crow’s feet. Adding insult to injury, patients also suffer brittle nails, increased hair loss, and even pain from tendon, ligament and connective tissue degradation. 
How does oral collagen consumption benefit the body?
Studies by German professor Dr. Prost prove that bioactive collagen peptides can be absorbed through the gut. Once this process begins, collagen peptides are dispersed in the bloodstream within 1 hour of intake, and later circulated throughout the body, resulting in excellent wrinkle and cellulite reduction plus improved hair and nail quality. There are many naysayers who dispute these advantages. Admittedly, I too was once a sceptic. However – and after conducting personal research – I found that hydrolysed collagen of less than 2000 kilodaltons were tiny enough to be absorbed by the gut and provide noticeable wrinkle-reducing and skin improvement effects. 
What is Collagen LiftTM Paris?
Collagen LiftTM Paris is a drinkable collagen supplement manufactured in France. It contains multiple active ingredients particularly, Bioactive Collagen Peptide which is proven to stimulate and maintain collagen production in the skin; Vitamin C which is essential in assisting the production of collagen within the skin and it is also a powerful anti-oxidant.  Collagen LiftTM Paris is also enhanced with Ulva Mediterranean seaweed, harvested from France, which not only stimulates collagen production, but provides the skin with the essential amino acids, antioxidants and minerals.  Ulva Mediterranean has been shown to be soothing for dry and irritated skin.  It also contains the UV protective pigments carotenoids, chlorophylls and xanthophyll. 
     I recommend this supplement to patients aged 3530 and older because studies show increased collagen depletion of one to two percent every year after this age. I also advocate Collagen LiftTM Paris to patients undergoing collagen-stimulating treatments (like Ellanse/Silhouette Soft/Threadlifts/Radiesse) as it offers supplementary raw materials which boost procedural efficacies. Analogically, Collagen LiftTM Paris functions like a rich fertiliser while your skin is the soil and the collagen-stimulating treatments by your doctors, the A-grade crop seeds. Once absorbed, it supports optimal healing and regeneration after any rejuvenative treatment.
Pictures courtesy of Delta Medisains (M) S. B.
What benefits can patients expect after Collagen LiftTM Paris? How is it consumed?
According to feedback, my patients have noticed improvements in dermal radiance, plumper and more hydrated skin within two to three weeks. Following the six-week mark, patients have seen fewer wrinkles and cellulite, plus stronger nails, stronger hair and less hair fall.
Collagen Lift™ Paris comes in a user-friendly 10ml ampoule to be taken in the morning diluted in water or juice. The product itself is palatable and the taste is sweet and pleasant, with subtle hints of berry. One box of Collagen LiftTM Paris contains 4 weeks supply of supplements
As revealed, visible outcomes are seen within three weeks. In truth, patients love it so much that they return to purchase it for friends and family.

Are there any side effects or complications patients should look out for?
None of my patients have reported side effects or complications. Nevertheless, I don’t recommend Collagen LiftTM Paris to iodine-intolerant patients, as bodies may not take UlvalineÒ too kindly. Collagen LiftTM Paris has not been tested on pregnant women either. As such, it’s best that mums avoid this supplement until after delivery and breastfeeding phases.

What are your personal opinions of Collagen LiftTM Paris?
Collagen LiftTM Paris is suitable to all patients above the ages of 3530. It’s recommended to anyone desiring notable improvements in their skin, nails and hair. If clinical patients are looking for simple solutions to procedural maintenance, look no further than Collagen LiftTM Paris as it’s proven to boost internal skin, hair and nails rejuvenation within weeks and compared to most other face care regimes, CLP is a simple one-step process with proven noticeable results.

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