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In this article, Dato’ Seri Dr. Leela Velusamy speaks to us about how the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet programme and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP-Lysate), helps with weight reduction and complexion. And Susan shares her personal experience of undergoing these two treatments. She also goes on to provide an actual insight on how other women may benefit from such treatments that neither require invasive surgeries nor downtime, and reveals why looking and feeling good is often times a priority.

May 7, 05:32 PM

The role of a housewife is often perceived as someone who keeps a clean home and single-handedly raises children. However, by putting others’ needs before their own, many homemakers tend to overlook their health and appearance, leading to a lack in self-confidence, dissatisfaction and even depression. Once feelings of discontentment kick in, relationships can become strained, and this can further manifest in impeded sexual and emotion closeness between partners.

Despite many women choosing to accept this fate, Susan (last name withheld for privacy) set an example for homemakers worldwide by making the decision to undergo medically-proven treatments which not only aided in improvements of physical attractiveness and self-esteem but also, overall quality of life.

In this article, the bold yet independent woman speaks to us about how the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet programme and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP-Lysate) treatment helped her achieve personal goals. In addition, Susan provides insight on how other women may benefit from such treatments that neither require invasive surgeries nor downtime, and reveals why looking and feeling good is often times a priority.

Further on, Family Physician, Dato’ Seri Dr. Leela Velusamy illustrates the many benefits of HCG and PRP-lysate and discloses why both solutions affect in enhanced physical and psychological wellness.

Susan Speaks
How long have you been undergoing treatment and how have you benefitted from the HCG diet programme and PRP-Lysate treatment?
I’ve been undergoing the PRP-Lysate treatment and HCG diet programme for almost two cycles, which culminates in two months. Before choosing to undertake anything, I had gained weight over the years and due to natural ageing, my skin’s complexion turned increasingly dull and dark where pigmentation and uneven skin tone and texture were apparent. Due to such concerns, I searched for a physician who could tailor solutions based on my specific needs and was introduced to Dato’ Seri Dr. Leela. 
After listening to my problems, she recommended I undergo the PRP-Lysate treatment and HCG diet programme. Since undergoing both treatments, I was naturally able to lose a commendable amount of body fat because of the diet’s cycle and strict caloric count. Likewise, my complexion drastically improved and even boasted a healthy glow following just one session. Along with pigmentation reduction, a more even dermal tone coupled with smoother textures were attained. Both treatments have unequivocally reversed how old I physically feel inside and out and I can’t recommend them enough!
Why did you decide to undergo the HCG Diet Programme and PRP-Lysate?
 I underwent the HCG diet programme and PRP-Lysate treatment because poor self-esteem had affected physical intimacies between my partner and me. Moreover, I was terribly unhappy with my looks and was additionally insecure about how I was physically perceived. After being introduced to the PRP-Lysate and HCG treatment programme, I understood what needed to be done as this was my time to shine. I wanted to show the world who I was and what I’m capable of. Knowing there was no turning back, I boldly underwent treatments and stuck to my guns by being disciplined and never deviating from diet recommendations. The end-results were astonishing and this has indeed demonstrated in a happier and more satisfying physical relationship at home. 
How fast was the recovery process and when were positive results seen?
Like any other medical procedure, the body needs time to adapt. In my case however, the recovery process took just three to four months. In terms of the PRP-Lysate treatment, I found a difference in my complexion after only one session, and with appropriate homecare, I acquired even better results. Meanwhile, the HCG programme induced obvious weight loss after a few weeks and by the tail end of just two sessions, the scale had shown a reduction of seven to ten kilos! Nonetheless, I was advised to exercise and eat healthy in order to maintain tone and shape. 
Did you feel lethargic and weak from HCG’s strict caloric routines? Was PRP-Lysate treatment painful; did it have any side effects or complications?
Of course I did! This is why I suffered lots of cravings and temptations after the first session of HCG. Because HCG patients have to reduce carbs, I often felt tired and sluggish. Nonetheless, due to personal motivations, I kept at it and eventually got used to smaller food portions, which mainly consisted of proteins and vegetables. The pain related to PRP-Lysate was minimal and similar to small stings. 
Temporary side effects like swelling and bruising are normal and dissipated within two or three days. I didn’t experience any major complications because PRP-Lysate is derived from your own blood and therefore, natural. 
Were the treatments cost effective and were you allowed to carry on with normal routines after treatment?
The treatments are very affordable and in my opinion, worth every penny. Invasive surgeries normally cost an arm and a leg with added inconsistencies like unpredictable outcomes. Moreover, considering that patients would have to endure increased levels of pain coupled with downtime, I’d rather steer clear of that and opt for non-surgical treatments that are not only safer but more convenient as well. In regards to returning to normal routines after treatments, there were no ifs and buts about it. In fact, I was encouraged to exercise in order to continually lose weight and maintain fitness. During the HCG programme, I joined a gym and focused on cardio to quickly burn excess fat and tone muscles. With PRP-Lysate however, I was recommended to take it easy for at least two to three days before resuming normal activity. 
How have these treatments improved your self-confidence? Has a healthier diet been advantageous?
These treatments are spectacular. I now look good even when I’m a mum to four kids. Before undergoing HCG and PRP-Lysate, I used to look aged due to poor lifestyle choices but check me out now, I’m not only physically rejuvenated but also feel much more confident. During the HCG programme, my diet consisted of large portions of vegetables and fish while breakfast, tea and dinners were based on strict caloric counts provided by the weight loss programme. My current eating habits have been extremely beneficial as I’m not just healthier but sport a leaner, healthier body too. 
What are your personal opinions of these treatments and would you recommend them to friends and family?
 In my opinion, these treatments are awesome alternatives to surgery and remain solutions that aren’t just natural but also safe and hassle-free. Positive outcomes can be seen fairly quickly and affects in no complications. I would recommend PRP-Lysate and HCG to anyone who wishes to reverse the signs of aging and live restored, longer lives. Looking and feeling good leads to a positive state of mind and happier relationships so why not put yourself first this time? Everything else will fall into place. 
Dato’ Seri Dr. Leela Point Of View.
Dato' Seri Dr Leela Velusamy
Why did you recommend the  PRP-Lysate and the HCG programme to Susan?
Dr. Leela: This patient came to my clinic with a raised BMI. Because Susan had failed to attain tangible results from several weight loss programmes, I ascertained that she was suitable for the HCG Diet Programme under my purview. Each cycle consisted of a 23-day cycle of HCG with close monitoring of daily caloric intake. This resulted in the patient achieving satisfactory outcomes. However, weight loss resulted in marked changes to Susan’s facial appearance, which necessitated further management with PRP-Lysate. Utilising a non-surgical solution, we managed to augment her facial appearance by replacing volume and enhancing youthfulness.
How does PRP-Lysate work?
Dr. Leela: PRP uses potentials of the body’s own growth factors in terms of regenerating cells in order to enhance dermal tones and textures in a natural approach. This is in relation to how cells are regenerated, working in-conjunction with your body from within. PRP-Lysate contains growth factors and vascular endothelial growth factors, commonly known as VEGFs. After blood fraction is introduced under skin, it affects in effective rejuvenation of the dermis and epidermis, resulting in superb dermal hydration. This mechanism is also responsible for anti-aging effects, particularly with regards to wrinkle reduction and overall youthfulness and beauty. Since treatment approaches are purely natural – due to the fact utilised plasma cells are gained from one’s own body system – it’s safe and free from allergic reactions or dismissal responses based on the patient’s condition.
How is PRP-Lysate carried out?
Dr. Leela: First, the patient's face will be anaesthetised with local anesthesia. Blood is then drawn via venipuncture into tubes that are provided by PRP-Lysate’s kits. Following this, samples are centrifuged and once blood fraction – which has passed through the PRP-Lysate device – is collected in a sterile syringe, we can move forward with injecting the patient’s face. 
How did Susan respond to PRP-Lysate and how many treatment sessions were required?
Dr. Leela: Susan was contented with this recommended solution. Following a period of one day, she responded very well and was satisfied with its results. Her final outcome was also subject to her adherence to post-care treatment. This involved avoiding sunlight and dusty environments for 24 hours. Apart from this, she was also required to use an antibiotic cream and sunscreen for a day. In most cases, swelling should normally dissipate in 24 hours. For optimal results, I advised two treatment sessions. Nevertheless, the actual number of sessions varies significantly between patients.
What other benefits does PRP-Lysate offer?
Dr. Leela: PRP-Lysate is not merely limited to aesthetic purposes. As its mechanism of action targets the vascular and epithelial growth factors, it can be used to encourage the remodeling of any connective tissue. As a result, it is used in the management of osteoarthritis via intra-articular injection including female genitalia augmentation. 

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