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Revival for faces. According to news from the grapevine, RELIFE by Menarini recently launched two innovative anti-ageing and rejuvenating solutions, Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) and Skinfill™ plus. Senior writer, Mariel Chow speaks to four aesthetic specialists as she investigates how these products instigate restored visages which stand the test of time.

March 12, 03:03 PM

Professional Opinions with Dr. Soma and Dr. Sutina
What is Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) and who is it suited to?
Dr. Somasundaram Sathappan (Dr. Soma): Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) comprises absorbable threads with barbs which hook onto skin and fat for elevated repositioning. It’s perfect for those with mild ageing symptoms, and for Asians, as we develop excess skin later. 
Dr Sutina Nordin is from Luminous Clinic
Dr. Sutina Nordin (Dr. Sutina): While certain non-invasive treatments result in some dermal elevation, outcomes are minimal. Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) however, provides excellent lifts due to its ability to reposition sagging structures. From personal experience, Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) is applicable to anyone, particularly those 35-years and above. It’s also suitable to patients with mild to moderate lower and mid-face sagging. 
What are Happy Lift™(Revitalizing)’s ingredients and its applied procedural techniques?
Dr. Soma: Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) has two ingredients: poly-L-lactic – PLA – and copralactone – P(LA-CL). These chemicals induce fibrotic reactions, increasing collagen synthesis for efficacious lifting. So, there’s both a physical and biochemical boost. There are three Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) threads – Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) double needle 12 cm, Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) double needle 23 cm and Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) free floating 12 cm. As needs differ, lifting techniques address unique conditions. For example, some complain of sagging mid-faces while others are unhappy with droopy jowls or necks. Contingent to concerns and budgets, doctors will decide the number of threads used for optimal effects. There are multiple treatment techniques unique to Happy Lift, namely MR (Malar Reshaping), LR (Lateral Reshaping), JR (Jowl Reshaping), OVR (Oval Reshaping V) and OVH (Oval Reshaping H). Each technique addresses different concerns. If individuals have nasolabial fold concerns, MR applies. If there’s large fat mounds along cheeks, ORV may work depending on professional analysis. Chosen approaches depend on patients’ facial contours. Combination techniques may be advocated for optimal effects. From personal experience, the more threads applied, the better and longer-lasting the result.
How are Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing)’s techniques advantageous?
Dr. Soma: Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing)’s approaches are free floating which needn’t require deep fascia anchoring. Such techniques are easier as incisions are omitted, reducing patients’ downtime too. Additionally, there’s fibrosis along threads, promoting collagen synthesis and dermal thickening for better skin quality and added lifts – not provided by other threads. 
Before & After. Lifted lower face and mid face, reduced marionette lines and decreased nasolabial folds utilising two Happy Lift (Revitalizing) double needle 12cm, four Happy Lift (Revitalizing) free floating 12cm and PDOs.
Dr. Sutina: There are many insertion pathways befitting individual desires. The good thing about Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) is that Menarini puts us through procedural training in stages. Training allows doctors to be adept in one technique before learning the next. Step-by-step courses are good because it ensures safe procedures which circumvent risks and complications. 
Before & After. Lifted lower face and mid face plus reduced nasolabial folds utilising two Happy Lift (Revitalizing) double needle 12cm per side.
What can patients expect during and after treatment?
Dr. Sutina: Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) treatments are conducted under local anaesthesia (LA). Besides slight stings from LA injection, following processes are comfortable. While bruising is infrequent, swelling from LA is common. Tenderness may last a few days. Still, downtime is minimal where work may be resumed after two to three days. In my experience, I’ve seen Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) outcomes lasting up to two years or more.
How does Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) compare to conventional facelifts and other minimally invasive treatments? How does it compare against other threads in the market?
Dr. Soma: Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) doesn’t compare to facelifts. If patients present severe dermal laxities, then invasive surgeries are advocated. It doesn’t replace other minimally invasive treatments either. Injectables enhance volume and fight wrinkles. Threadlifts reposition tissues. I recommend Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) in conjunction with fillers and neuromodulators for ideal restorative effects. 
Dr. Sutina: Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) is one of the industry’s best threads. In my opinion, Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) is a corrective treatment which lifts and tighten skin. Competing threads like PDOs however are preventative, only applicable for minimal laxity. As opposed to Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) which efficiently lifts and restores dermal qualities, PDOs solely stimulate collagen. Furthermore, the latter is becoming less favoured because of extended downtimes, more bruising and short-lived effects. 
Professional Opinions with Dr. Chin and Dr. Lim
What is Skinfill™ plus and who is it suited to?
Dr. Chin Shih Choon (Dr. Chin): Skinfill™ plus is a range of versatile fillers. They’re a HA-based injectable featuring COESIX technology and micronisation processes for combination benefits. Besides greater cohesivity for optimal duration, COESIX technology comes as easily injected homogenous gels. I especially like Skinfill™ plus for its high tissue integration and natural effects. Skinfill™ plus is suited to both sexes, across all age groups for various indications. 
Dr. Lim Ing Kien (Dr. Lim): Skinfill™ plus is available in Skinfill™ diamond plus, Skinfill™ gold plus and Skinfill™ silver plus. The difference between the types is in its HA concentrations which therefore, dictate their indications. Skinfill™ diamond plus – the most concentrated – consists of 25mg/ml. Followed by Skinfill™ gold plus and Skinfill™ silver plus which respectively boast 20mg/ml and 15 mg/ml. 

Which filler do you most commonly use? What treatment does each filler offer?
Dr. Chin: I use each type in dissimilar facial regions for different indications. I utilise Diamond for cheek, chin and temple contouring, as well as nose augmentations. I use Gold for deeper line and superficial fat compartment contouring of the face and lips. Silver usage is mainly applied to fine line filling and periorbital rejuvenation. 
Nose bridge augmentation with high-viscosity HA. Volume: 0.7 ml. Injected in the supraperiosteal plane. Serial needle injections to bridge and along the dorsum. Tip remodelling: supraperichondrial and subdermal
Dr. Lim: While I love all three, I utilise more Gold and Silver. Since Silver contains the least concentration, it’s appropriate for fine line and wrinkle correction, periorbital rejuvenation, dark circle reduction and hand restoration. Gold possesses medium density and hence, is very versatile. It’s used for a majority of indications comprising cheek, lip and forehead augmentations, temple volumising and nasolabial fold filling. Lastly, Diamond’s thickest, densest materials best serve chin, nose and cheek augmentations.
What can patients expect during and after treatment?
Dr. Chin: Skinfill™ plus is a comfortable procedure. Affecting in zero downtime, patients may return to work immediately. Side effects may involve occasional swelling and mild bruising. 
Dr. Lim: Skinfill™ silver plus is used during periorbital rejuvenation to immediately lift skin while reducing dark circles and wrinkles. Patients rarely experience discomfort as injected materials are soft and fluid. They’re also prescribed topical anaesthesia. Besides immediacy, patients enjoy further improvements after two weeks when fillers naturally absorb water and integrate with skin. Although rare, slight tugging sensations and mild bruising have been noted. To circumvent side effects, be gentle with skin especially during skincare routines. Avoid lasers and facials for a month as filler efficiencies may be compromised.

Do you combine Skinfill™ plus with other minimally invasive or non-invasive treatments?
Dr. Chin: Anti-ageing is complex and multi-factorial. The components involve skin changes, sagging, fat compartment malpositioning, fat hypertrophy or hypotrophy, ligament loosening and bone changes. Combination treatments are encouraged when treating differing ageing concerns. As such, I combine Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) and Skinfill™ plus because the former lifts skin, defines jawlines and repositions fat while the latter fills wrinkles, replaces volumes, augments the face and addresses hollowness. 
Before and After. Under-eye dark circle correction with low viscosity HA. Volume: 0.5ml. Fillers injected in the supraperiosteal plane with a 30G needle. Microbolus injection technique applied.
Dr. Lim: When treating younger patients, I recommend under eye radiofrequency (RF) and fillers for efficacious periorbital rejuvenation. Both modalities complement each other. Fillers restore volume while RF stimulates new collagen growth. Mature patients however, can benefit from superficial platelet-rich-plasma atop fillers to encourage neocollagenesis and enriched dermal tightening.
Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) and Skinfill™ plus are distributed by A. Menarini Pte Ltd. 

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