My six-year old son is losing his baby teeth. Although most of his baby teeth are falling out normally, his adult front tooth is beginning to erupt behind his baby tooth. This overlapping baby tooth is starting to turn brown and the adult tooth behind this baby tooth is erupting abnormally. I understand that my son will need to extract this baby tooth but I’m also wondering if he may or may not need braces later due to the abnormal eruption of the adult tooth. Claire, Hartamas

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 It’s normal for adult teeth to erupt lingually behind the teeth. Hence, as the permanent teeth starts erupting, the deciduous teeth positioned anteriorly will begin its root resorption process. After which, the deciduous teeth can turn reddish-brown and with time, it will exfoliate spontaneously without need for extractions. During eruption of the permanent teeth – following shedding – the natural outward pushing force created by the tongue against the teeth will then cause the teeth to erupt labially. It’s recommended to have your son consult with an orthodontist for early assessment due to three reasons: insufficient space for permanent teeth to eventfully erupt, likelihood of mild crowding which may require orthodontic intervention at a later age or the possibility of severe crowding which may warrant immediate orthodontic intervention.
Arrows pointing to deciduos teeth (Picture courtesy of Dato' Dr. How Kim Chuan)
To ensure orthodontic suitability, x-rays can be taken, allowing orthodontists to have better visualisation and predictions of your child’s growth and development. 

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I am a 28-year old professional who’s planning to undergo Invisalign. I have very crowded teeth and have never experienced tooth extractions. If I were to undergo orthodontic treatment, will I need to extract my premolars or wisdom teeth? What are the benefits of tooth extraction, are they absolutely necessary, and what are the extra costs of this? Kei, Bukit Tunku
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