No Pain, All Gain (Body Contouring at It's Best) - Part 1 of 2

Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty (CS&B) gives the skinny on in-office body contouring treatments. (Part 1 of 2)

Dr Lenzo Ling Ing Heong - May 8, 06:57 PM

Climbing global temperatures have resulted in our wearing less heavy clothing, and choosing lighter garments, or articles of clothing with less fabric. While warmer weather may be made for lazy days by the pool, many shudder at the thought of donning skimpy bathing suits, because we know even if we subjected ourselves to ridiculous diets and exercise regimes, no amount of physical torment could take away stubborn pockets of fat. This is where slimming treatments without workouts become an attractive solution.

In-office body contouring treatments are a relatively new craze. These slimming practises have become so popular, they’ve engulfed the aesthetic market, with everyone wanting a piece of the pie. Because there are hordes of spas and beauty centres offering multiple treatments/modalities, it is difficult to pinpoint the best solution for unique sizes, diets and lifestyles. Only when individuals understand what’s available can they choose what’s most suitable.

In this article, four aesthetic physicians explain what body contouring and body contouring procedures are available. They also share how treatments are carried out to achieve beach-ready bods without invasive surgery.

Dr. Inder Kaur from Klinik Dr Inder

Aesthetic Physician, Dr. Inder Kaur
Who normally seeks body contouring treatments?
The demand for body contouring procedures aren’t limited to sex or ethnicity. Both males and females across all races request for slimmer, trimmer bods. Aside from diverse groups of patients, individuals of differing shapes and sizes can also desire fat reduction. Some may be obese. Some may be overweight. Others may be relatively small, but possibly concerned with stubborn fatty bulges.

What do body contouring treatments entail?
There’s a huge market for body contouring. It’s so highly sought-after, most spas, beauty centres and aesthetic clinics offer at least some form of weight management. Since there’s a very large number of centres and spas proposing body contouring, treatments can range from general dietary or lifestyle advice and supplements, to injections, medical devices and medication. Now, the question is: Are these methods suitable to your unique shape, size and lifestyle? That’s another conundrum altogether!

How do you decide on which body contouring treatment to recommend?
I provide a wide range of weight management solutions befitting each body type and need. According to patients’ BMI, I may advocate singular or combination treatments of supplements, FDA-approved medications, and body contouring devices. For example, if patients are obese, I don’t immediately recommend device-based treatments. Instead, I put them under tried and true diet and exercise regimes, including three-month long courses of medications which suppress appetite, increase metabolism and reduce constipation. Once patients are less overweight, they’ll be suitable for device-based body contouring.

What can you tell us about Klinik Inder’s body contouring devices?
Before diving into devices, patients must first lose some fat. Once individuals are moderately-sized, they’ll be eligible for body contouring modalities. I typically advocate radiofrequency (RF) energies. Not only are they efficacious, RF is painless and complication-free. Moreover, these devices are user-friendly, allowing my nurses to comfortably manoeuvre handpieces with ease. Last but not least, RF stimulates skin tightening as well. In my opinion, that’s precisely what patients want when seeking body contouring solutions.

What other body contouring technologies do you offer?
At Klinik Inder, weight management approaches are divided into multi-step programmes. If patients are large, a three-month course of FDA-approved medications are prescribed. Once patients lose enough weight, they’ll graduate to ‘Package A’ of my weight management programme, consisting one session of fat freezing. Following cryolipolysis, we move on with ‘Package B’: four weekly treatments of RF and lymphatic drainage massage to melt and flush away the destroyed tissues. 
What results can patients expect from Klinik Inder’s weight management program?
Everyone enjoys significant results. Those whose waists were too wide can now fit into jeans of old. Those whose belts couldn’t buckle now have to tighten them by a few notches. The beauty about our programme is how results continually improve, even after treatments culminate. This occurs because technologies like fat melting and freezing consistently target and remove fat over time. Once bodies are trim, patients can undergo muscle stimulators which incite fiercer abs without exercise!

What are your thoughts on Klinik Inder’s weight management programme?
Each patient is unique. Hence, singular procedures may be unsuitable to all body types. In order to challenge a diverse range of BMIs and lifestyles, I have a complete range of body busting solutions. By offering comprehensive weight loss approaches, patients are delivered calculated solutions, which attack fat from all angles. Correspondingly, patients don’t only enjoy gradual and sustainable outcomes, all advocated procedures are safe, FDA-approved and 100 percent risk-free. 
Dr. Lenzo Ling from the Gem Clinic 
Why do you include body contouring treatments in your clinic?
Non-invasive body contouring is one of the aesthetic market’s greatest demands. Besides meeting health and aesthetic needs, non-invasive body contouring avoids invasive techniques like liposuction, tummy tucks or general anaesthesia. This is why we’ve included the CoolTech system in our treatment repertoire. A highly effective approach in fat cell freezing and elimination, its procedures are similarly painless and complication-free.

What is Cryolipolysis and how does it contour the body?
When cool temperatures are introduced to superficial skin, fats beneath it will freeze and crystallise. After a few weeks, the crystallised tissues undergo cell death. The deceased fats are then expelled by the body’s natural lymphatic drainage processes. In medicine, we call this process apoptosis.
     In general, the cooler the temperatures are, the more powerful the system is. If a technology isn’t as effective, the device’s effects correspond with higher temperatures and poorer efficacy. For instance, if cryolipolysis machines cool tissues at temperatures of only -4 degrees Celsius or higher, fats may not freeze as efficiently, resulting in unpredictable results and unmet expectations.

What is CoolTech and how does the system work?
CoolTech is a cryolipolysis or fat freezing system from Spain. CoolTech is unique because of its ability to cool tissues down to -8 degrees Celsius, whilst maintaining said temperatures for prolonged periods. For successful outcomes, not only should temperatures remain low, cool sensations must be constant throughout the procedure’s duration. There are many competing devices which boast similar methodologies, but few can sustain cool energies for extended periods. This is why procedural outcomes turn erratic or ineffective.
     To achieve optimal results, doctors must first comprehend the science and engineering behind each system. The doctor’s skills and experience also play a big part in CoolTech’s results.

What parts of the body can CoolTech target? How are treatments performed?
CoolTech boasts six handpieces that come in different shapes and sizes. Due to the wide-ranging applicators, CoolTech tackles most bulges, including the love handles, thighs, arms and double chin. Only the back is exempt. During treatment, fatty tissues are vacuumed into CoolTech’s cups. Within the cups are cooling plates which freeze tissues. Principally, the more fat sucked into the applicator, the better the results.
     Despite CoolTech’s non-invasive nature, treatments can be uncomfortable – especially during the vacuuming process. Nonetheless, discomforts are brief, as dropping temperatures render the skin numb and painless. 

How many treatments are needed? When are results visible?
Each treatment – regardless of area treated – take 70 minutes. During this time, patients can work remotely, relax, or even take a nap. Strictly speaking, individuals can have a spa day (or work day) whilst losing weight!
     CoolTech treatments result in 20 to 30 percent fat reductions per session/area. Although good effects are attainable after one session, I may recommend a minimum of three cycles – depending on individual fat percentages and lifestyle. Perceptible outcomes are generally evident after a month. Results similarly improve over time as tissues naturally undergo cell death and lymphatic drainage.

What are your personal opinions of CoolTech?
There are numerous body contouring technologies, i.e. radiofrequency, ultrasound, etc. In my opinion, none is more effective than cryolipolysis due to its non-invasive fat cell killing abilities. Although conventional liposuction achieves similar effects, it’s an invasive technique, with downtime, pain and greater complications.

How have your patients responded to CoolTech? Do you combine CoolTech with other slimming treatments?
My patients report a 100 percent satisfaction rate. I’ve even treated clients who’ve tried multiple competing technologies, but to no avail. Once I recommended CoolTech however, outcomes were unmatched and unmistakable, prompting added treatments for better results.
     I would definitely combine CoolTech with other body contouring approaches. Depending on individual physical attributes and lifestyle choices, we can tailor-make unique weight management programmes to create the best body for a client.

Part 2 to be continued on 10 May 2020 (Sunday)

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