Nano Organo Peptides

Modern tissue rejuvenating therapy with powerful bioactive molecules, nutrients and peptides for the great health of your skin

May 8, 11:12 AM

MF Plus’ top-selling aesthetic range of Nano Organo Peptides (NOP) is a powerful tissue-repairing solution designed to enrich the skin with amino acids, peptide, cytokines and skin-specific products. It works by nourishing, repairing and regenerating the skin, stimulating fibroblasts and keratinocytes, while restoring the skin’s moisture balance and renewal process. 
NOP is a natural cell-based aesthetic treatment of highly-refined polypeptides in a 2.5ml suspension. It is procured through the advanced Swiss ultrafiltration technology with multiple-step procedure – Millipore Filters.
NANO Organo Peptides Product Picture (Picture Courtesy of MF+)
Product Characteristics 
  • Molecular Level Polypeptides of 3 nanometres in size and less than 10 kilo-Daltons in molecular weight
  • Free of large proteins; eliminates the risk of any immune reaction
  • Toxicity test proves that there is no possibility for overdose
  • Ingredient procured from a EU State-certified closed-colony of rabbits raised for over 30  generations

Considered highly for their natural restorative function, the aesthetic range of NOP currently comprise of a few types of outstanding ingredients: skin, mesenchyme, placental peptides (or in addition with collagen and elastin).
Pictures Courtesy of MF+
  • Wound-healing Regeneration& Revitalisation
  • Skin
  • Optimal & Effective Moisturisation
  • Mesenchyme 
  • Potent Skin-firming Properties

Nano Placenta
  • Effective for fresh scars, burns, keloids and devitalized skin

Nano Skin
  • Effective for dull-looking skin, dry skin, pigmentations and age spots. 

Nano Mesenchyme
  • Effective for stretch marks, sagging skins, distinct eye bags, fine wrinkles and deep wrinkles.  

Nano Combo: SPMC
  • Regeneration and revitalization  
  • Moisturizer and pigmentation
  • Lifting and firming
  • Healing and regeneration

Nano Combo: SCE
  • Moisturizer and pigmentation
  • Lifting and firming
  • Healing and regeneration
  • Elasticity
MF PLUS Product application (Pictures courtesy of MF Plus)
How Does a Treatment Work?    
NOP’s active materials are extremely small measuring three nanometres in size with a molecular weight of less than 10kDa, and are easily absorbed into the skin by topical application. This aesthetic biomolecular treatment is a non-surgical, warranting minimal recovery time, ensuring prompt results and effective to cause one or more effects:
  • normalization of skin color;                             
  • lightens skin;                                     
  • increasing skin water content and hydration;  
  • normalization of cellular metabolism;
  • improving  adult stem cell proliferation;           
  • increasing collagen, elastin production;
  • stimulation of angiogenesis;
  • restoration of hair cycle and follicular development;
  • increasing cell proliferation.   

Topical application - Effective penetration into the deep dermis layer as these molecular level polypeptides are refined to a size of 3 nanometres, average human pore size is between 50-100 nanometres. 
One vial is enough for one time application and the frequency should not be more than one per week. Apply evenly on areas of concern.

NOP’s organ specific components effectively target problem areas due to its biological nature. Nourish, repair and regenerate matched molecules within the skin, and revitalize it. 

Tried and Tested
For years, NOP is known for its amazing rejuvenation properties and has brought visible transformation and confidence to users worldwide. 

Results of biomolecular facial revitalization with NOP can often be noticed after second or third application, which is about 2 to 3 weeks after starting the treatment depending on metabolism and body type of the patient.
The main benefits of the biomolecular products is its natural physiological mechanism of action, which does not involve administration of the fillers or foreign bodies into the tissues, and long lasting natural biological revitalizing effect. Absence of allergic reactions in the observed users supports safety of the MF Plus peptides in the aesthetic practice. 

How Should NOP be stored?
NOP products have a shelf- life of 6 years, if kept in a refrigerator at optimum temperature between +2°C and +16 °C (not frozen) and fully protected from direct sunlight.
When kept in normal room temperature, NOP products have a shelf life of 3 months.

Formulated by Stellar Biomolecular Innovations, Germany. 

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