If you’ve been trying hard to keep fit by working out and dieting but have not achieved those magazine-worthy results, VASERlipo can help. (Part 2 of 4)

October 29, 10:00 AM

 If you’ve been trying hard to keep fit by working out and dieting but have not achieved those magazine-worthy results, VASERlipo can help. VASER Liposelection uses precise minimally invasive technology that produces astounding results in just one procedure. FDA-approved in 2001, VASER Liposelection is different to traditional liposuction as it’s not only exceptionally fat targeting, but utilises ultrasonic energy pulses to gently break apart fat cells with minimal collateral damage to surrounding tissues. VASER Liposelection is powerful enough to eliminate substantial areas of fat, but also gentle enough to treat delicate areas such as the neck and arms. Moreover, VASERlipo can even help you achieve six-packs permanently. Yes, you heard right – perfectly sculpted midsections without the sit-ups and crunches. Many plastic surgeons are choosing VASER because it not only reduces stubborn fat, but has the ability to carve or ‘etch’ fat sitting atop abdominal muscles to create rockin’ abs. Dr. Colin Tham explains.
Plastic Surgeon Dr. Colin Tham
What technology does VASER Liposelection utilise and how is it safer than conventional liposuction?
VASER Liposelection is a third-generation Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction or Lipoplasty device. VASER is an acronym that stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy. The sound energy or ultrasound produced will selectively break apart fat cells while preserving important structures such as blood vessels and nerves. This increases procedural safety by minimising blood loss. With minimal damage, patients will suffer less complications and adverse effects such as bruising, pain and swelling. This will, of course, translate to faster recovery and reduced downtime if compared to conventional liposuction.

How can male patients benefit from VASERlipo and how can the procedure produce firmer bodies with added six-packs?
VASER Liposelection benefits anyone who has stubborn and unwanted subcutaneous fats. Common areas of concern among males are normally the abdomen, love handles, chest and the double chin. With VASER, a skilled plastic surgeon can effectively remove unwanted superficial fat deposits and shape the body into a impressively athletic male physique. HiDefinition VASER Liposelection is an advanced technique utilising the VASER system plus specially designed cannulas or tools. A surgeon who is trained in these techniques can help beautify male bodies by both reducing and manipulating fats to sculpt athletic definitions such as abdominal six packs or chest pecs.
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What can patients expect before, during and after the procedure?
Before we move forward, a detailed consultation regarding the procedure, including expectations, must be discussed. We must also thoroughly assess the patient to make sure he is fit for surgery. On the day of surgery, photos are taken and meticulous markings are made. During the procedure, patients are either sedated or under general anaesthesia and will have zero recollection of the surgery. Moreover, tumescent anaesthesia is administered to ensure minimal discomfort. After the procedure, patients can expect minimal to mild bruising and swelling. In fact, most of my patients even return to work after only two days. Rare but possible complications could include infection, bleeding, fluid collection and irregularities so make sure you choose the right doctors, as appropriate surgeons are an important factor in minimising potential hazards.

How many male patients are undergoing VASERlipo in your practice and how have they responded to this procedure?
I would estimate approximately ten male patients per month with one-fifth of them seeking and suitable for HiDefinition VASER for six-pack creation. I am stringent with patient selection for six-pack creation as the technique only provides great results to motivated patients who are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of my patients have responded well to VASER but it’s important to counsel them on healthy lifestyle habits, diet and exercise. After the surgery, I assist patients by helping them maintain or even enhance their already good outcomes through lifestyle modification. As a result, I have had only one patient who returned for a VASER follow-up on the same area after a few years. As they say, you can’t win them all.

What are your personal opinions regarding VASER Liposelection and why do you recommend it?
I think that VASERlipo is an advancement or evolution of conventional liposuction. The results are smoother, even in more difficult secondary cases, with better safety and drastically reduced recovery time. Likewise, additional skin tightening can be expected through VASER’s ultrasound technology, and with HiDefinition techniques, potential for fabulous results are in abundance. 

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