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August 14, 04:09 PM

Dermal laxity, volume loss and jowling are natural occurrences that transpire due to a number of factors, particularly aging. As the sands of time take their toll on our physical youth, the facial tissues will tend to sag in regions including the jawline, eyebrows, neck and cheeks. Invasive cosmetic surgery, like facelifts, has always been the traditional solution to facial aging, but it’s understandable why most patients would ideally prefer minimally invasive techniques, which provide commendable, long-lasting results that don’t break the bank. If patients are looking for a tuck without the nip, then thread lifts may be the perfect alternative. 
Minimally invasive thread lifts are no stranger to the aesthetics scene. Famously known to elevate the face and provide volumising effects, those who undergo this procedure can expect beautiful, natural outcomes via injected resorbable threads that induce stimulation of natural fibroblasts and collagen regeneration. Aesthetic Physicians, Dr. Nicole Lee and Dr. Elizabeth Lee explain. 

What is a thread lift?
The thread lift procedure is a minimally invasive clinical treatment that gently lifts tissues which have been compromised by ageing and the downward forces of gravity. Affecting in direct, visible results, patients can anticipate a more pronounced and contoured jawline including smoother and more youthful appearances, taking years off the face. The procedure utilises fine resorbable threads that are inserted into targeted areas to stimulate skin tissues. As a result – and apart from the immediate elevated results – continual fibroblast and collagen regeneration will create progressive tightening and lifting effects from the inside out. 
How is the procedure carried out?
The procedure is a lunchtime treatment and takes no more than 40 minutes from your busy schedule. Firstly, local anaesthetics are introduced to target areas in order to improve patient comfort and tolerability. Then, microfilament sutures or threads will be inserted under soft tissues via ultra fine needles without any need for traumatic incisions. Patients needn’t worry about thread mobility or movement as sutures are held in place with absorbable bidirectional cogs. After all the sutures have been correctly placed, slight compression utilising the hands are applied to reshape effects and enhance desired outcomes. 
What are its advantages?
Thread lifts are a great treatment because it possesses quick recovery periods and offers instant outcomes. Apart from being minimally invasive, it neither leaves any visible scars nor requires hospital stays. If patients still aren’t convinced of its advantages, thread lifts are far more affordable than conventional facelift procedures, and deliver consistent, long-term results. If you’re looking for a quick and effective solution for your aging skin but are yet unready to go under the knife, then thread lifts are the perfect answer. 
What regions can be treated?
A thread lift procedure can be efficacious on various regions of the face. For the best results, we recommend targeting the neck, sagging jowls and even brows. Every patient normally presents with a range of grievances and problem areas and therefore each patient requires personal consultations for tailored solutions and to meet precise needs. 
Are you a suitable candidate?
Thread lifts are appropriate for both men and women – between the ages of 18 to 70 – who desire to enhance and preserve natural but youthful appearances without invasive techniques. If you have been undergoing Botox and fillers but are looking for a procedure that’s more effective and enduring, then thread lifts are the ideal choice. 
How long do results last and what are its risks and side effects?
Thread lifts are not surgery and therefore won’t be as enduring as traditional facelifts. Nonetheless, outcomes can continue for as long as 18 to 24 months – depending on one’s health, severity, lifestyle, dermal quality and how many threads were inserted. In terms of side effects, transient bruising and swelling can be expected immediately after treatment. Infections are rare and nearly non-existent, as proper aseptic measures will be taken. 
The Doctors 
Dr. Nicole Lee
Dr. Nicole Lee graduated from University Putra Malaysia and is among the few physicians who possess the Letter of Credentialing and Privileging (LCP) for legal aesthetic practice in Malaysia. She is also fully credentialed by Malaysian Ministry of Health.
Dr. Nicole has been awarded a certificate by the Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM, USA) and is an also active member of AAAM, USA. Along with nearly ten years of experience, Dr. Nicole has attained membership with the International Association of Stem Cell Transplantation (USA) and the International Association for Cell Therapy (Switzerland). Her special interests include V-face thread lifting, Nd-Yag lasers, CO2 lasers, Diode Lasers, High-intensity Focused Ultrasound and Microdermabrasion.
Dr Nicole Lee
Dr. Elizabeth Lee
Dr. Elizabeth Lee graduated from University Putra Malaysia. After attaining a certificate from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM, USA), she developed a special interest in V-face thread lifting and has perfected her skill through 12 years of continual medical practice. Dr. Elizabeth is now an active member of AAAM, USA and aims to improve patients’ self-confidence through her skills in aesthetic medicine. 
Dr Elizabeth Lee

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