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March 4, 11:16 AM

Invasive facelifts have long been the gold standard for facial rejuvenation, tightening and lifting. Despite a fabulous procedure, facelifts are costly, involve more downtime and not applicable to male patients as scars aren’t easily hidden by the lack of hair. As the demand for less intrusive procedures surge, so has the popularity of minimally invasive thread lifts increased. Thread lifts have the ability to lift and tighten laxed tissues without incisions and none is more sought-after than the Serdev Lift. A modified approach to basic thread lifts, Serdev Lifts are applicable to both the face and body and utilise absorbable polycaproamide threads to encourage skin that’s immediately lifted, firmer and more contoured. Likewise, with supplementary combination of probiotics, vitamin C, collagen and fibre within its formulas, patients are sure to enjoy added rejuvenative benefits where the skin looks younger and elevated for longer. To find out more about this innovative technique, Aesthetic Physician, Dr. Ng Kuan Choong from the Lasus Clinic joins us to discuss and disclose how the Serdev Lift works and why it’s a featured treatment in his practice.
Aesthetic Physician, Dr. Ng Kuan Choong
What is the Serdev Lift?
The thread lift procedure is a minimally invasive clinical treatment that gently lifts tissues which have been compromised by ageing and downward forces of gravity. Affecting in direct, visible results, patients can anticipate a more pronounced and contoured jawline including smoother and more youthful appearances, taking years off the face. The procedure utilises fine resorbable threads that are inserted into targeted areas to stimulate skin tissues. As a result – and apart from the immediate elevated outcomes – continual fibroblast and collagen regeneration will create progressive tightening and lifting effects from the inside out.
The Serdev Lift works similarly but better! It’s a non-surgical facelift designed to visibly lift sagging facial features by manipulating a fine thread underneath the skin. Designed and distinguished by Bulgarian surgeon, Dr. Nikolay Serdev, he invented a novel approach to common threads by creating the world’s first thread lift that’s appropriate for both the face and body. From my estimation, not only did this modified technique adopt all the rejuvenative aspects of the original procedure, it included innovative refinements to enhance biocompatibility, versatility and efficacy. 
Serdev sutures are made from resorbable polycaproamide as opposed to non-dissolving polypropylene plastic threads. Boasting specialised formulas including Vitamin C, collagen and fibre, Serdev threads are also barbless and antimicrobial, resulting in minimal instances of infection or other related complications. Furthermore, risks of broken or protruding sutures are greatly decreased, allowing patients to maintain comfort all while lessening unnecessary clinical follow-ups.  
What can patients expect during Serdev Lifts’ treatments?
Unlike other minimally invasive treatments, Serdev Lift is a lunchtime procedure. Before treatments begin, local anaesthetics are administered in order for patients to be comfortable. In fact, patients don’t feel a thing and respond to the procedure very well. After clients are good and numb, proprietary Serdev sutures are placed under the skin via specially designed instruments to ensure non-traumatic anchoring of the threads to specific areas of the face and body. 
Effecting in no downtime whatsoever, patients are permitted to leave the clinic immediately after and carry on with their day. While the procedure is absolutely scarless – since incisions aren’t necessary – I must warn that patients may experience common procedural side effects like bruising and swelling. Nonetheless, said side effects are transient and should resolve after a few days. Therefore – and although patients are welcome to recommence normal. 
When can patients expect positive results and how long will results last? Who are Serdev Lift’s best candidates?
Results of the Serdev technique vary from patient to patient. Some of my clients attain immediate results right after the procedure while others may notice positive differences following the first week. Serdev lifts are not surgery and hence won’t be as enduring as traditional facelifts. Nonetheless, outcomes may continue for as long as 18 to 24 months – depending on one’s health, severity, lifestyle and dermal quality.
Thread lifts are appropriate for both men and women who desire to enhance and preserve natural but youthful appearances without invasive practices. If you have been undergoing Botox and fillers but are looking for a procedure that’s more effective and enduring, then thread lifts are the ideal choice.
What are your opinions of the Serdev Lift?
Serdev Lift is an amazing option for those suffering dermal laxity, volume loss and jowling. Because Serdev Lifts are a minimally invasive method, its especially suited to those who want natural lifts minus downtime, pain or scarring. Likewise, it acts an introduction to more invasive procedures, providing patients with ideas of how they will look like should they choose to undergo facelifts. In addition, I’m very impressed with how it’s the first ever thread lift to augment not just the face but other bodily parts like the buttocks, thighs and breasts. If patients were to ask me, Serdev Lift is one of the most versatile procedures available, aiding in the lifting, tightening and overall rejuvenation of the entire physique. 

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