Implant placements for patients with insufficient bone ridges by Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan (Part 2 of 4)

What if I told you dentists have the skill and know-how to fix everything ranging from unappealing smiles, overlapping teeth, or even no teeth at all? Dentists pay attention to all facets of the facial and oral structure in order to create functional, beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. Four Consultant Dentists from the Imperial Dental Specialist Centre share how they deal with common or complicated dental problems patients face.

June 22, 11:03 AM

Part 2 of 4 featuring Dato' Dr. How Kim Chuan

Consultant Orthodontist, Dato' Dr. How Kim Chuan
This patient had insufficient bone in the upper edentulous region, and therefore wasn’t an appropriate candidate for implant placement. While doctors suggested either denture or bridge solutions, she wasn’t keen on wearing dentures, or to have her teeth shaved down.
 To tailor to her needs, we recommended orthodontic (braces) treatment to align her teeth and intrude the over erupted lower incisors. This was done to reinstate the upper teeth to pre-extraction shapes, and form/restore youthful appearances. 
 We also grafted bone within the flat, flabby and severely resorbed ridges to allow optimal implant placement. This bone augmentation technique was personally developed, allowing successful, minimally invasive dental restoration with safety in mind. In fact, my technique has allowed many patients to enjoy implants and bone augmentation without severe surgical trauma, pain or downtime. After four implants were placed successfully and without trauma, we placed a crown or implant-supported prosthesis atop implants to improve oral function and restore aesthetics and youthful appearances. 
 Implants are akin to trees that have been solidly planted and rooted to the ground. Implants, unlike dentures or bridges, preserve bone integrity whilst eliminating bone resorption. These benefits make for enduring prosthetics, and also protect against accelerated facial ageing processes. Finally, integrated orthodontic-implant treatments remain the current trend in Full Mouth Rehabilitation as such combination procedures produce the most ideal aesthetic and functional outcomes. 

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