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AMP - March 4, 11:44 AM

The vagina is one of the body’s most significant organs, and yet, often disregarded due to its ‘private’ nature. Because the intimate zone is often kept classified, many women ignore this delicate region, and sometimes forget to give it tender, loving care. As one of the most sensitive bodily organs, genitals need to be kept clean at all times. Within the vagina, both harmful and beneficial bacteria co-exist. Ideally, the beneficial agents should proliferate to suppress the harmful ones to keep the Y Zone healthy. With the Doctors OBGYN Vaginal Eco Program (DOVEP), women can regain their feminine youth while enhancing the state of their vaginas. Three experts tell us more. 
Tell us about the ideal state of the vagina.
Dr. Nurhalina: Vaginas are normally colonised by good bacteria and fungus. Imbalances in growth cause infection. Women should keep intimate zones clean to maintain optimal vaginal pH levels. The normal vaginal flora is dominated by various lactobacillus species.  Lactobacilli help keep the vagina healthy by producing lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and other substances which inhibit unwanted organisms and yeast growth. Lactobacilli similarly maintain healthy pH levels of around 4. Any change in this mildly acidic environment may cause flora imbalances and infection. In general, such changes can be due to pregnancy hormones, menses, oral contraceptives, oestrogen replacement therapy, antibiotics, diabetes, steroid therapy, and immunosuppression.
 Dr. Zaki: Many women have concerns regarding bacterial induced problems and vaginal disease. Before issues are discussed, we must first understand the genitals. The vulva is an area outside the vagina. This site includes sensitive regions, namely the labia majora and minora, mons pubis, clitoris and openings to the vaginal and urinary canal. The vagina however, starts from the opening called the introitus and ends at the cervix. Both these regions can become vulnerable to disease when cleanliness isn’t maintained or when environmental changes occur. Once problems manifest, women may experience dryness, itchiness, bad odours, and vulva and vaginal inflammation, leading to discomfort and pain. 
What’s the importance of good vaginal bacteria?
Dr. Hasnul: There is both good and bad bacteria in the vagina. If this delicate balance is disrupted, women may suffer bacterial vaginosis (BV) infection. The good bacteria (lactobacillus) provide numerical dominance as they outnumber harmful bacteria that may enter the body. It also keeps the vagina slightly acidic, encouraging healthy nether regions. Lastly, lactobacilli produce bacteriocins (a naturally-occurring antibiotic) which reduce or kill harmful bacteria. It similarly manufactures a substance that stops bacteria from sticking to vaginal walls, preventing further bacterial invasion. In short, if the vagina’s pH increases, the quality or amount of lactobacilli will fall, proliferating bad bacteria. Such instances may result in BV and thrush, resulting in itching, irritation and abnormal discharge. 
What is the Doctors OBGYN Vaginal Eco Program and why do you recommend it to patients?
Dr. Nurhalina: DOVEP helps balance vaginal pH, promoting good bacteria growth. Women who are menstruating, perimenopausal, post-coital or who are experiencing infection are recommended DOVEP to maintain good intimate hygiene. Postmenopausal women may also use this, as it reduces dryness and discomfort due to vaginal atrophy. In my practice, I advocate DOVEP because it reduces itchiness and burning sensations. The product’s cleanser and douche are mild, non-greasy and non-irritating. 
 Dr. Zaki: DOVEP’s main ingredients help boost lactobacillus activity, proliferating their numbers to overcome bad bacteria. Besides maintaining optimal pH levels, DOVEP’s ingredients like Coptic, liquorice and glycyrrhizinate help suppress infectious germs while eliminating infections. The program similarly contains phytoestrogens which encourage epithelium recovery and prevent discomfort and itchiness. I recommend DOVEP to clients and family members because results are observable almost immediately. In fact, odours, vaginal discharge and itchiness drastically reduce after just one day’s use. 
 Dr. Hasnul: DOVEP was developed by gynaecologists. It boasts large amounts of active ingredients including lacticol, glucose and mannose that support lactobacillus growth. DOVEP is beneficial among women prone to vaginal infections, particularly those who are sexually open or often caught in poor hygiene environments. In addition, and besides advocating healthier lifestyles, DOVEP prevents cancer too!

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