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New device gives a whole new meaning to ‘helmet hair’.

Dr William Hoo - March 12, 04:21 PM

Hair fall is a natural occurrence, but losing hair is never pleasant. It is therefore comforting to know that there are remedies to the problem. Dr. CYJ is the first hair filler in the world. This exclusively developed product can be the answer to many hair loss problems. Aesthetic Practitioners, Dr. William Hoo and Dr. Wong Chee Hin tell us more. 
What is Dr. CYJ hair filler?
Dr. William: Dr. CYJ hair filler is a specialised peptide injectable in hyaluronic acid gel that acts as a carrier. The complex active ingredients within this hair filler could prevent hair loss and activate hair growth factors, maintaining the natural balance in the hair. 
 Dr. Wong: Dr. CYJ is specially developed for the purposes of hair regrowth and scalp reconstruction and it encompasses the most effective and strong seven-functional peptides. These peptides aid in promoting blood circulation in the scalp and revitalises hair follicles. This is done by increasing the size of follicles through the inhibition of dihydrotestosterone (DHT)-induced apoptosis of Hair Follicle Dermal Papilla Cells (HFDPC). 
 How does Dr. CYJ work and how is it unique?
Dr. William: Once the hair filler is injected, hyaluronic acid gel that has an ionic bond with the peptides stays in the scalp. It then slowly releases the peptides for a period of two weeks to stimulate hair follicles and hair cells for the purposes of hair regrowth. These peptides then effectively penetrate the dermis of the scalp to inhibit the production of DHT, the male hormone that causes hair loss. 
Dr. Wong: Dr. CYJ is the first hair filler developed with drug sustained-release technology, which enables the hair follicles to be treated with adequate concentration of peptides over a period of time. Additionally, this revolutionary technology enables the affected hair follicles to have longer exposure time to the active ingredients in the hair filler.
Before After pictures courtesy of AJ Pharma Sdn. Bhd.
What is treatment like and how many sessions do patients have to undergo to see positive results?
Dr. Wong: During treatment, patients might experience a slight but tolerable pain, although we apply a topical anaesthetic cream pre-injection. Post-treatment, patients may face minimal soreness and some may get mild rashes that will subside within a two to three day period. Treatments with Dr. CYJ do not require patients to go through dreaded lengthy downtime and they can resume their daily routine after the procedure. 
Dr. William: Since Dr. CYJ is enhanced with a renowned sustained-release technology; I recommend that patients undergo a total of four sessions every two weeks for a duration of two months to see optimal results. After patients complete one course of treatment consisting of four sessions, he/she can expect to see visible results especially in the halt of hair loss. An increase in the thickness of hair and growth of new baby hair can also be noticed once treatments are completed. Patients are recommended to come back at least once a month for a period of at least six months for ongoing maintenance. 
What are your personal opinions of Dr. CYJ? 
Dr. Wong: The reasons why I like Dr. CYJ is the simplicity of administering the hair filler, the minimal downtime and the outstanding results this product can achieve. Dr. CYJ provides an alternative for people not ready to go under the knife for a hair transplant. Additionally, this hair filler serves as a synergistic component to other hair treatments such as topical applications and oral medications.
Dr. William: Dr. CYJ has been an effective solution for people with hair loss and hair growth problems. It has commendable efficacy and safety levels. All my treated patients have been very satisfied with the outcome of the treatment. The level of efficacy does however depend on the patients’ condition such their lifestyle and initial cause of their hair issues. This hair filler works particularly well on patients from stage I to stage IV of the Norwood Hamilton scale. 

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