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Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Magazine - January 9, 10:00 AM

ThermiVa Va Voom

Modern technology has come up with answers to ageing vaginal concerns. One of the solutions is ThermiVa. A non-invasive treatment, ThermiVa induces labia majora and vaginal canal tightening via radiofrequency (RF) energy. Besides aesthetics, patients have also reported enhanced sex lives and better function brought upon by improvement of vuvovaginal dryness and leaky bladders. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Rica Farah Muhammad Abdullah Ichihashi tells us more.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Rica Farah Muhammad Abdullah Ichihashi
Why do the labia majora and vulva continually stretch over time and why are other forms of treatment either ineffective or too painful?
Stretching of the labia majora and vulva tissues is contributed to numerous age-related changes such as decreased dermal thickness and collagen synthesis, changes in collagen quality, and reduced blood and nerve supply. The labia and vulva undergo immense deformation and stretching caused by time and vaginal childbirth. Regular Kegel exercises are useful adjunct practices to sustain the strength and tighten the pelvic floor muscles. They may delay symptoms of vaginal laxity and surrounding tissues, but do not overcome age-related changes of muscle loss and decrease in nerve supply. 
Invasive vaginal tightening involves tissue cutting or a stripping or burning of tissues. As you can imagine, lasers that burn tissues utilize high energies and this can lead to significant downtime in terms of pain and discomfort. ThermiVa is so far the only system that’s able to offer tightening and tissue contraction with benefits of increased moisture and collagen production without downtime or pain. 
What is ThermiVa and how does it work?
ThermiVa is a US FDA-approved device that emits RF waves which result in undeviating controlled energies to the labia and vaginal tissues. In response, tissues contract and over time, more contractions will occur as the body responds by laying new collagen and more importantly, increased blood supply to the treated area. 
 What are ThermiVa’s benefits and who can best benefit from its treatments?
Rejuvenation of the labia and vagina results in tightening and contraction of the tissues, which is what some patients want. However, this also gives an indirect benefit of better urinary control because the vagina’s outer wall is very close to the urinary tract. Rejuvenation of the vaginal tissues causes moisture restoration and production of normal vaginal discharge. As a result, there’s increased blood flow to the areas, with some patients even reporting they’re more ‘aware’ of their nether regions! It’s thought that ThermiVa does somehow rejuvenate nerve supply to these areas and although more research is needed, we already have reports that women have returned with orgasmic feedback! Excuse the pun.
Any woman who has noticed signs of ageing in these areas is suitable for treatment. So, patients experiencing problems like sagging of the area around the vagina, vaginal laxity and decreased sensation or pain during intercourse can benefit. Other appropriate candidates are those who experience dryness and mild urinary symptoms. 
 What can patients expect during the treatment and how many sessions will one need?
Patients can expect very comfortable treatments that are done only by me alone, with no assistant, to ensure discretion. Treatments take 30 to 45 minutes. There is no downtime, and patients are “good to go” immediately after. Three monthly treatments are needed for a baseline effect. Then, an annual or bi-annual treatment is needed, depending on lifestyle and expectations. The earliest known improvement by my patient was just a few days after. She reported enhancements of urinary control, noticing she needn’t rush to the bathroom first thing in the morning. Optimal effects normally occur two or three weeks after.

PK24 Peaks Sexual Satisfaction

Everyone deserves better sex lives. Not only meant for reproduction, coitus relieves stress, boosts confidence levels and even induces the release of happy hormones. Vaginal tightening treatments are sometimes impractical because they’re either too invasive or expensive. Plus, if one is simply looking for temporary vaginal contraction for nothing more than sex, why even undergo unnecessary procedures? PK24 is one of the most well-known vaginal tightening creams on the market. USFDA-approved and clinically-tested, PK24 has been proven to provide natural rejuvenation that’s safe and effective. PK24 benefits ladies of all ages and is great for young women who want to spice up their sex life. It also works wonders for pre- or post-menopausal women who yearn for improved sexual gratification as well as lubrication. Nevertheless, even if women aren’t sexually active, PK24 can be added to everyone’s routine vaginal care, just as they would moisturise the body and face. Aesthetic physician, Dr. Raman Hundal-Simpson explains.
Aesthetic physician, Dr. Raman Hundal-Simpson
What is PK24 and how does it help women achieve vaginal tightening? 
PK 24 has been designed to deeply hydrate the internal walls of the vagina. The ‘plumping’ effect within these walls significantly narrows the vaginal diameter, which is how vaginal tightening is achieved. PK24 heightens physical sensations and feelings of pleasure for both partners by increasing the friction experienced during penetration. 
Along with vaginal tightening, what other benefits does PK24 possess?
After PK24 application, a majority of women found increased abilities for orgasms and almost all reported increases in orgasmic frequencies as well. Some women find they need a ‘time-out’ from sex due to vaginal dryness. Whilst PK24 was not specifically designed as a lubricant, four in five women reported lubrication improvement plus added abilities of sustaining good levels of lubrication throughout intercourse without concerns of drying out. A single pump onto the tip of the index or middle finger is all that’s required. It should be massaged into the vaginal walls in a circumferential manner until fully absorbed. PK24 works within ten minutes, and its effects last up to 24 hours. The tightening effects peak between eight and 12 hours after application.  For this reason, women wishing to achieve maximal tightening effect should apply PK24 12 hours apart, twice a day. Women who prefer discreet use however, are recommended the cherry flavour as the scent lasts three hours. 
There are no long-term effects after 36 hours provided that PK24 is used as directed by the doctor. Bathing or exercise after application does not affect results. The product can be used for as long as required, especially if patients anticipate future coitus. Decision to stop or continue use is purely up to the patient. 
What are your personal opinions of PK24?
When we first offered the product, we didn’t expect such positive response. Very often, during follow-up consultations, the patients come in smiling and gushing about how PK24 has transformed their sex lives for the better. Of course, as physicians, we feel good that we have helped improve our patient’s quality of life.

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