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Happy Vagina, Happy Woman

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The vagina is a private part of the body where sex, sexuality, the birth and urinary systems co-habit. For generations the organ itself, as well as the problems that come with it, was very difficult for women to deal with, let alone talk about. Why is this so? According to Turkish Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Bulent Cihantimur, the vagina has always been observed as a female’s ‘special place’ and hence deemed private. He confesses, “Even in Mother Eve’s visual portraits, although the breasts are exposed, her genitalia is covered by a fig leaf.” The cause of this perception – in Dr. Bulent’s opinion – is because female genitalia act as the gatekeepers of sexual life and likewise, is a bodily region that delivers babies and where both the urethra and anus are located. Although the vagina is one of the most important organs in the female body, this incessant need for secrecy has pressured women to psychologically and subconsciously ignore or overlook their genital health and aesthetics. Dr. Bulent states, “I believe women deserve any kind of beautification, whether for the vagina, body or face and this is why I take into account the entire nether region as a whole where total beautification is necessary.”
Turkish Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Bulent Cihantimur
Female genitals experience deformation as a result of childbirth and ageing. Along with more common related side effects such as enlarged vaginas, patients can experience sagging inner labias, unaesthetic outer labias, and excess fat in the mons pubis. Furthermore, they may also suffer urinary incontinence, orgasmic disorders and poor sexual sensation when vaginal loosening has taken place.  
In his circles, Dr. Bulent is famed for his Genital Beautification Technique. The technique was awarded the Golden Bistoury Award at the Third World Plastic Surgery Congress in Monaco in November 2014. Dr. Bulent says, “Dr. Valter Dos Santos (Organiser and Scientific Director of the Fourth World Plastic Surgery Congress), highlighted that my Genital Beautification Technique – which was published for the first time in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2013 – provided a new perspective on the subject. Just like the face, vaginal fat, muscle and bone tissue loss is caused by ageing, and should total rejuvenation of this region be desired, Genital Beautification would be the right choice.”
Most patients who desire vaginal rejuvenation normally undergo labiaplasties. Although a good enough procedure, labiaplasties are, in Dr. Bulent’s opinion, only applicable to those who suffer from inner labia issues and not necessarily recommended to patients who experience total regional problems. “A middle-aged woman who has undergone vaginal birth cannot be rid of existing problems by simply undergoing labiaplasties because like the face, fat, muscle and bone loss have taken place,” he advises. He continues, “I have even come across patients who additionally experience urinary incontinence. Should patients desire complete vaginal rejuvenation, Genital Beautification provides total approaches to the area and its issues.”
In order to provide optimal rejuvenation results, Dr. Bulent will not only correct vaginal loosening but also improve the mons pubis and erogenous zones. First and foremost, loosening of the back tegmina is addressed, where expanding vaginal tissues undergo compression To tackle this issue, an amalgamation of the Cihantimur Fat Transfer technique and Spider Web application, where injection of fat enriched stem cells help with rejuvenation while the Spider Web process helps tighten the area. Meanwhile, the Erogenous Zone Injection application – aptly named ‘G-Shot’ – is placed on the front wall, two to three centimeters inside the vaginal opening. Dr. Bulent divulges, “G-Shot injection provides longer sexual stimulation because the region is reshaped and brought forward allowing easier, more pleasurable and longer lasting orgasms.” In addition, tightening procedures also benefits the partner as shaping of the loosened back tegmina encourages better sexual satisfaction. 
The mons pubis is the hairy part between the clitoris and C-section stitches. Some women can look puffier than normal and this can cause concerns over the aesthetics of the area especially when wearing bathing suits. Moreover, increased fat deposits in this area can cover the clitoris and additionally reduce sexual sensations. When treating such problems, Dr. Bulent looks to Liposculpture applications, which along with aesthetic reductions of fatty tissue, exposes the clitoris too. What’s more, the procedure also addresses urinary incontinence brought upon by giving birth and ageing. 
Dr. Bulent insists that his Genital Beautification technique is comfortable with little downtime. “The procedure is painless and begins after the preferred anaesthetic type is applied. My primary goal is a safe and comfortable operation with quick recovery plus minimal discomfort or pain.” During the recovery period, patients experience comfortable healing processes due to advantages related to the Cihantimur Fat Transfer System, Spider Web technique and Radiofrequency technology. Even more surprising, patients are discharged immediately after and can return to work after two days!
Cosmetic surgery awareness is growing rapidly and desire for aesthetic vaginal procedures is on the rise. According to the American Society for Plastic Surgery, female genital surgeries have risen 48 percent and this awareness and acceptance can help women be more conscious of their private zones. Take it from one of Turkey’s foremost plastic surgeons when he says, “Happy vagina, happy woman.”

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