Freezing fat for effective body conturing.

A non-invasive body contouring system which freezes fat cells to death, Micool-A has the ability to painlessly, safely and effectively shape your body without knives or downtime.

Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Magazine - November 19, 11:00 AM

A body that’s slim and trim takes effort. We’re not only required to eat healthy but also exercise and remain active throughout the day. The problem with this foolproof regime is that healthy lifestyles don’t always cut that gut. Many of us have stubborn bulges and if you’ve tried every health hack to no avail, why not give Micool-A a go? A non-invasive body contouring system which freezes fat cells to death, Micool-A has the ability to painlessly, safely and effectively shape your body without knives or downtime. Let’s see what aesthetic physicians Dr. Wenus Ho and Dr. Juliana Latif have to say about this system.
What is the Micool-A and how does it work?
Micool-A is a body contouring system which reduces fat cells by up to 25 percent in any targeted area. It utilises cryolipolysis for efficacious fat reduction, targeting fat cells in the subcutaneous layer without causing damage to surrounding tissues. So how does cryolipolysis freeze stubborn fat pockets? Well, the cooling technology boasts capabilities of safely chilling dermal temperatures down to a level where fat cells are destroyed. After which, a natural and gradual process called apoptosis will expel dead cells through the body’s metabolic system. 
Which regions can Micool-A target, and what can patients expect during treatment?
Micool-A is ideal for targeting fat pockets that are resilient to diet and exercise. Such areas include the abdomen, love handles, thighs and arms. During treatment, a vacuum applicator is placed on the skin, bringing it into contact with two cooling pads. Once the fat layer is absorbed by the applicator, a controlled cooling energy from the panels is delivered to the subcutaneous fat layer, selectively targeting fat cells in the desired region. This non-invasive procedure causes crystallisation and permanent destruction of fat cells. Based on constructive feedback, patients have described the treatment as tolerable. The first few minutes may feel very cold due to decreasing temperatures but as time continues, discomfort continually diminishes, eventually leading to a rather relaxing procedure as patients are able to rest, read or surf the net during the treatment’s duration. 
How long do treatments last; are results immediate and how many sessions does one area typically need?
Treatment takes no more than 40 to 60 minutes, depending on targeted regions. Results aren’t immediately visible as it takes time for dead fat cells to be eliminated by the body. Noticeable outcomes can be found after a month with optimal outcomes generally seen in the following eight weeks.  The number of required sessions varies based on desired body part and amount of excess fat present. However, one can expect to lose up to 25 percent of fat per area after just one session. This is of course in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime. 

What are your personal opinions of Micool-A and why do you recommend it to your patients?
The unique cooling technology of Micool-A ensures fat cells are effectively destroyed without complications like frostbite. This is because it has an in-built sensor which prevents fat or skin from becoming overly cold, therefore providing harmless yet efficacious treatment. This cannot be said for inferior machines which offer similar technologies. I recommend Micool-A to my patients because it assures the patient’s safety while providing excellent results. It’s proven to work wonderfully on patients with persistent fat bulges and based on feedback, our patients have been extremely satisfied with Micool-A’s safety, affordability and non-invasive techniques. 

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