Forum of Adipose Tissue & Stem Cell (FATS 2019)

Daphne - March 4, 11:58 AM

FATS is one of Asia’s leading international fat grafting and regenerative medicine conferences. It similarly remains one of the region’s most comprehensive medical forums, as it covers all aspects of fat grafting and regenerative medicine – from LA-based, in-office minimally invasive procedures, to invasive fat grafting surgeries. 
 FATS 2019 caters to doctors across industries, whether aesthetic practitioner, dermatologist or seasoned plastic surgeon. For example, if delegates are keen to expand treatment repertoires, lectures and live demonstrations include everything from novice procedures – minimally invasive, LA and office-based treatments – up to transitional and proficient techniques. As FATS is recognised for its renowned panel of speakers and key opinion leaders, we share in this article what’s in store for FATS Bangkok 2019 and the FATS Academy. Here are a few topics covering dissimilar capabilities: 
● Dr. Lee Kim Siea (Malaysia):
Basic approach to facial fat grafting. 
 ● Prof. Guy Magalon (France):
Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF): Preparation and clinical application for Scleroderma hands.
● Dr. Kasey Sung & Dr. Yoon Yong Hyun (South Korea):
How to manage patient safety and comfort: Lipo sculpture to fat harvesting, SVF processing and precise ultrasound-guided OA injection.
● Dr. Cao Weigang (China):
Facial fat graft.
● Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura (Japan):
Fats with threads lifting.
● Dr. Massimiliano Federico Brambilla (Italy):
Composite techniques on genitals: Labia minora/majora fat graft.
● Dr. Lin Tsai Ming (Taiwan)
The technique of Precise Facial Fat Grafting Transplantation-Evolution from Evidence-based Medicine.
● Dr. Patrick Tonnard (Belgium)
Centro facial rejuvenation with fat grafting and full face nanofat needling.
● Dr. Giovanni Botti (Italy)
Facelift with fat grafting
● Dr. Aris Sterodimas (Greece)
Breast augmentation by cell-assisted fat grafting.
FATS 2019 opens doors to the thriving world of adipose tissue and stem cells. By attending FATS 2019, delegates are introduced to fats and stem cells’ regenerative and anti-ageing advantages. In the event delegates wish to put thought into practice, doctors may hone skills through enrolment with the FATS Academy.
 FATS Academy is an extensive programme which kickstarts journeys into fat grafting and stem cells. It’s especially suitable to individuals desiring to practice fat grafting but who don’t know where (or how) to begin. By enrolling with the Academy, doctors are provided platforms which offer piecemeal grafting techniques through comprehensive three-month, six-month and one-year training programmes. For example, if novice doctors have aspirations but possess limited skill, they may enroll in workshops with Dr. Kasey Sung who will teach rudimental LA infiltration and fat harvesting. Once novice practitioners grasp the basics, they’re encouraged to put skills into practice. While clinical mistakes are expected, doctors may return to the Academy – after three months – to share pitfalls, identify mistakes, learn how to remedy them, and move on. 
In short, FATS Academy’s programmes allow doctors to polish basic fat harvesting skills in six months. This is followed by stem cell processing. If doctors possess abilities and show interest, they may graduate to elementary facial fat grafting with Dr. Lee Kim Siea. 
Despite the Academy’s novice-level workshops, it similarly offers intermediate and advanced programmes. Because it covers everything from hands-on, entry-level pathways like tumescent solution and fat extraction, up to breast augmentation and facelifts, every doctor – whether beginner or expert – can attend the Academy to learn, refine and perfect techniques. Furthermore, industry leaders spearhead the FATS Academy. With expert teachings, individuals are sure to produce only the most innovative, reproducible and ultimately, safe treatments which not only increase treatment menus but elevate businesses as well. 
Expert Opinions
 What can patients expect from your presentations?
 Dr. Giovanni Botti: I’ll be conducting one live surgery and two lectures. My live demonstration will show delegates how to perform advanced and effective techniques for facial ageing correction.  My lectures will provide clear views of the best available procedures in facial rejuvenation and body sculpturing. 
 Prof. Guy Magalon: In FATS 2019, I’ll be performing a live surgery titled, ‘Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF): Preparation and Clinical Application for Scleroderma Hands’. My Key Note Lecture will circle minimally invasive, regenerative medicine. 
 Dr. Lee Kim Siea: This year I’ll demonstrate how beginners can perform facial fat grafting. My demonstration is unique because solutions require low start-up costs. In fact, delegates don’t only learn correct yet undemanding techniques; they’ll similarly understand that procedures and good results are possible with minimal equipment too. 
How are your presentations unique?
 Dr. Botti: During the live surgery, I’ll demonstrate how to combat facial and neck laxity. This is done by correcting all soft tissue layers – from surface depths (platysma, digastic muscles, cervical fasciae, possibly the SMG, fat and skin) with an ‘extended deep plane’. Fat grafting integrates soft tissue atrophy. My lectures are enlightening, as I’ve been practicing for over three decades. Through the years, I’ve learned what’s effective, and how to prevent and treat complications, if necessary. I’ll share this knowledge and experience during lectures. 
 Prof. Magalon: My live surgery proves interventions consist of taking fat tissue samples for SVF preparation – with a medical device – for treatments of vascular disorders in the hands. Lectures however, address conceptual evolutions over two decades, particularly hand rejuvenation and scleroderma treatment of the face and hands. Such minimally invasive, regenerative procedures involve different products comprising micro fat, emulsified fat and platelet-rich plasma.
 Dr. Lee: This simple approach proves fat grafting’s inexpensive achievability. Many doctors wish to add fat injection into daily practices but believe methods are either difficult or costly. My presentation will debunk such myths, proving that good outcomes are possible with minimally invasive solutions and low investments. In fact, necessary equipment only involves common tools like syringes, saline solution, local anaesthesia, cannulas and antibiotics. 
How can delegates benefit from your presentations?
 Dr. Botti: The live surgery teaches delegates how to achieve natural, enduring results within single procedures. When doctors master my techniques, I’m confident patient numbers will rapidly increase. During lectures, delegates learn to distinguish between fake and efficacious treatments. My talks and presentations also allow doctors to be the first physicians to propose the best techniques in their areas. 
 Prof. Magalon: Delegates benefit because they’ll discover highly protocolised procedures, which offer reproducible pathways and outcomes. Apart from learning proper medical device usage, my presentations also demonstrate how to appropriately choose products according to unique regenerative and volumising indications. These indications are available in video format during lectures. 
 Dr. Lee: Novice doctors will find these methods advantageous. Besides learning the types of equipment needed, delegates are similarly taught infiltration and local anaesthesia injection, as well as methods of fat extraction, fat preparation and fat implantations. My surgery culminates with good, discernible outcomes; proving simple approaches do offer visible results. 
What do you hope to achieve in FATS 2019? How will your presentations benefit doctors ‘practices?
Dr. Botti: I want to share and spread efficacious procedures across the Southeast Asian region. By attending my lectures and live surgeries, delegates set themselves apart by offering something unique. Their practices will benefit because my solutions deliver special results. This correspondingly elevates customer satisfaction and patient numbers. 
Prof. Magalon: I hope to share highly protocolised procedures with strong quality control in regards to each applied product, technique and solution. 
 Dr. Lee: I hope to prove fat grafting’s achievability despite low capitals and minimally invasive methods. Doctors’ practices will certainly benefit, as pathways are inexpensive, translating to lower patient costs. Once they’re proficient in my technique, delegates can further invest in additional refinements to produce better results. 

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