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A remedy especially for Asian complexions.

Dato' Dr Ko Chung Beng - March 11, 12:07 PM

Pigmentary disorders are a common plight. Apart from susceptibilities to melasma and solar lentigines, Asian skin is also vulnerable to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). While there are many procedures which treat discolouration, there are patients who aren’t keen on downtime or minimally invasive treatments. Moreover, even if individuals do undergo clinical procedures, ‘top-to-toe’ brightening won’t be achieved. If patients crave all-encompassing lightening effects including better healing, there’s no better supplement than Crystal Tomato® Plus (CTP). An oral ingestable, CTP is a safe, FDA-approved product. Containing powerful antioxidative ingredients, it brightens and heals skin, and keeps it youthful. Dato’ Dr. Ko Chung Beng, Dr. Nazirin Ariffin, Dr. Lilian Lee and Dr. Hoe Yut Hung tell us more. 
What is Crystal Tomato® Plus and how does it work?
Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Nazarin Ariffin
Dr.Nazirin: CTP is an oral supplement. It contains two components - carotenoids and L-cysteine. Colourless carotenoids are scientifically proven to brighten skin because of their sunscreening effects which reduce photoaging. Carotenoids also decrease melanin synthesis and melanin content within cells. They also possess anti-inflammatories which automatically reduce PIH following inflammatory processes. L-cysteine is a precursor to glutathione – a powerful lightener. According to clinical data, L-cysteine is much better absorbed by the gut than oral glutathione, providing far superior brightening effects. 
Dr. Lilian and Dr. Ko: CTP is an antioxidative supplement that’s able to block UV light and melanin formation. Because of this strength, patients enjoy reduced instances of UV damage and pigmentation. With its anti-inflammatory properties, patients achieve speedy recovery rates and reduced redness which inadvertently decreases scarring and PIH. 
Aesthetic Physician, DR. Hoe Yut Hung
Dr. Hoe: CTP is an oral supplement made of 100 percent non-genetically modified tomatoes. It promotes antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects which are scientifically proven to supress melanin production, reduce existing melanin, and provide natural sunscreen effects. These processes cause an overall brightening of the skin, and pigmentation reduction. 
Who are the best candidates for Crystal Tomato® Plus? 
Dr. Nazirin: CTP is suited to patients who want more even skin tone, together with some lightening. It’s also applicable to individuals experiencing melasma, solar lentigines and age spots. It is also recommended to those seeking natural anti-ageing supplements which encourage bright, smooth and supple skin. Visible results are typically found after three months.
Dr. Lilian and Dr. Ko: CTP caters to those desiring ‘head-to-toe’ lightening. It’s also appropriate for those wanting speedier brightening outcomes. As such, it is recommended as an adjunct treatment to laser treatments. CTPs are supplements. Though efficacious, they cannot completely change skin quality. Nonetheless, visible outcomes are seen after 12 weeks. 
Dr. Hoe: It’s appropriate to anyone who desires healthier, brighter skin. I recommend taking one pill every morning on an empty stomach. While outcomes are visible after a month, optimal outcomes are found after three. Likewise, CTP works synergistically with lasers and microneedling because payoffs and recovery are achieved far quicker. 
What are your personal opinions of Crystal Tomato® Plus?
Dr. Nazirin: Many patients are aware of side effects related to oral chemicals and lightening agents. Crystal Tomato Plus however, is natural, safe and FDA and CE-approved. CTP has undergone a double-blind study in Singapore which proves its efficacy. My own patients testify that it works. Despite CTP’s proven efficiencies, it’s not a magic supplement. You cannot take it for a few weeks and expect significant brightening effects. 
Dr. Lilian and Dato’ Dr. Ko: We’ve previously recommended oral glutathione, but to see visible benefits, patients require overdoses of the ingredient. This may cause adverse reactions like deadly Steven-Johnsons syndrome and allergies. CTP however is made of natural ingredients and has very few adverse effects. Furthermore, it works synergistically with clinical treatments, reduces procedural downtime, and heals inflammation like redness and burns. 
Dr. Hoe: CTP is a registered product with proven safety records. It has been the subject of multiple studies which prove its abilities, where no other brightening supplement has been able to compete. 
How have your patients responded to Crystal Tomato® Plus?
Dr. Nazirin: Individuals who can afford CTP have reported positive change.  
Dr. Lilian and Dato’ Dr. Ko: Our patients have responded positively. We’ve even heard of pigmentation complaints after patients miss just one month of CTP. Those who like CTP are very happy with the results they get. 
Dr. Hoe: To date, feedback has been encouraging. Positive responses have increased exponentially with continual intake, so the longer you consume it for, the better the results. 
How has Crystal Tomato® Plus benefitted your practice?
Dr. Nazirin: As a certified dermatologist, the first thing I look for is safety. CTP has no real adverse side effects, and is efficacious over time. The supplement is natural, and hence, appealing to those who prefer natural substances to chemicals and preservatives. 
Dr. Lilian and Dato’ Dr. Ko: Dr. Lilian who has taken CTP for many years loves it. If it’s good enough for a doctor, there’s no doubt patients will enjoy it too.

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