Cool Transformations -Hydrated, youthful, glowing skin in minutes

CooLifting is a revolutionary system that brings about astounding facial transformations within minutes. A comfortable procedure with zero downtime, it is made possible by the use of active ingredients delivered into the skin via carbon dioxide, high pressure and low temperature to immediately bring about deeply-hydrated, youthful and glowing skin. Aesthetic physician Dr. Terry Lee explains the technical aspects of the product while local actor Gary Yap - who joins Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton in the use of CooLifting - shares his experience as of the product.

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What is CooLifting and CoolClear?
CooLifting is a carboxy (carbon dioxide gas) spray which delivers hydrating serums to the skin. CooLifting consumables contain one carbon dioxide cartridge including a serum ampoule. There are two serums associated with CooLifting and CoolClear. Should patients desire lifted, hydrated and glowy-looking skin, they should opt for CooLifting as the serum contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA), polystyrene sodium sulphunate, sorghum extract and wheat proteins.  If patients desire brighter skin with less visible signs of pigmented imperfections, CoolClear is the clear choice as its serum’s ingredients comprise HA, kojic acid, sorghum extract, Vitamin C, wheat proteins and glycolic acid.

What are the mechanics behind this system and how does it work?
CooLifting utilises carboxy therapy, which operates on three principles. The first is something called paradoxical vessel motricity which means a sudden change of temperature that shocks the skin. In response, vessels will dilate in order to counter opposing temperatures. Cryophoresis and barophoresis utilise cold temperatures, which speedily push serums into the skin.
      The CooLifting system combines both C02 gas and serums. Utilising the device’s gun, both gas and serum are shot into dermal surfaces at high pressure and temperatures of -9 degrees. The force of the pressure will gradually reduce after two minutes. Because temperatures are below freezing, the procedure may initially feel akin to tiny needle pricks. Despite the fact, patients needn’t worry, as cold gases will regulate to the environment, leading to more comfortable treatment as the process continues.

How does treatment feel and what benefits can patients anticipate after CooLifting
The five-minute procedure feels similar to tiny needle pricks, but mild discomfort will morph into ‘blowing’ sensations after two minutes. Treatments are quick, side effect-free and tolerable. It is also suitable for all dermal types. It is a treatment best paired with laser therapies, as lasers tend to be ultra-drying. CooLifting combats this by calming the skin and rehydrating the visage. I recommend at least five bi-weekly sessions for patients below 40-years old while patients with mature skin are advised ten sessions for optimal results. Patients can expect instantaneous hydration, fine line reduction, glowing skin and a decrement of pore sizes after treatment.

What are your personal opinions of CooLifting?
This system is light, user-friendly, small, portable and convenient. I believe it’s a good alternative to Botox as some patients are averse to needles. With CooLifting, patients can enjoy similar results without injections, all while enjoying impressive hydrating and rejuvenative effects. 
Actor Gary Yap weights in on the treatment.
What are your personal opinions of CooLifting and how has it helped you achieve red-carpet ready skin?
      CooLifting is very special. I love how it utilises both carbon dioxide and cold temperatures to penetrate active ingredients into the skin. As a patient, I unquestionably understood that serums were pushed into my skin as the pressures were intense. While the procedure did feel like ant bites in the beginning, it became progressively comfortable over time. Immediately after treatment, I instantaneously noticed more lifted, brighter and more hydrated skin. My skin also felt soft to the touch, with visible signs of smaller pores.
      CooLifting is unique because the treatment only took five minutes. This works in my favour because celebrities always have to be red-carpet ready. Red carpet-ready skin not only videos or photographs well, but also provides the perfect canvas for makeup!

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