Body Contouring Without Invasive Surgery

Beautiful bodies with patients’ concerns in mind

November 3, 12:24 PM

Everyone would like to look slim, trim and healthy, but due to poor lifestyles, diets and lack of self-discipline, many fall through the cracks, becoming not only unhealthy but overweight as well. Although nothing can replace healthy diets and exercise, patients looking to boast rocking bods can always undergo supplementary medical treatments that reduce waistlines and zap away stubborn pockets of fat. 
If patients have been desiring body contouring procedures but are unsure how to go about it, why not visit the Lasus Clinic? The Lasus Clinic understands patients and recognises that despite good results, not one patient is the same. Some may prefer painless, non-invasive treatments while others who can brave minimal amounts pain favour procedures with instant results.  In any case and whatever concerns may be, the Lasus Clinic can tailor body contouring solutions based on distinctive needs and current conditions so that each unique patient achieves their goals. 
Medical Director of Lasis Clinic, Dr Ng Kuan Choong
Dr. Ng Kuan Choong, Medical Director of the Lasus Clinic explains the importance of detailed consultations and some of the most popular and effective body contouring solutions available. 
What is the importance of consultations among body contouring patients?

It’s of upmost importance patients come in for a consultation before deciding on anything concrete because not one patient is the same. Based on the detailed conversation, we can find out what results patients expect and whether they are tolerant to pain. Furthermore, with nothing more than a half-hour chat, I can additionally uncover the patient’s weight, family history and whether he or she has been previously hospitalised or given birth. Unbeknown to many, your medical history plays a major role in your current condition and weight. In fact, you may be piling on the pounds because of underlying conditions like water retention or hypothyroidism. Should I suspect this, blood tests may be recommended to ensure optimal results are achieved. Last and certainly not least, patients shouldn’t assume that once treatments have concluded, weight loss journeys are over and done with. Through comprehensive consultations, I can also give patients tips on healthy diets, exercise and lifestyles in order to maintain the achieved results. 
Why do some patients prefer non-surgical solutions over minimally invasive procedures that produce faster results? What body contouring treatments do you offer at your practice?

As explained, every patient is unique. Some patients cannot stomach pain while others have higher tolerability. Moreover, there are those who have the time to return for multiple treatments while busier patients prefer singular solutions. At the end of the day and while both non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures produce satisfactory contouring outcomes; patients must remember that painless treatments definitely require multiple sessions for optimally visible effects. 
In instances where one prefers painless yet effective body contouring, I recommend the Accent Ultra system, which boasts the Uniform handpiece. Conversely, if you fancy direct and instantaneous solutions, then Smartlipo will be your best bet. 
Before and After (Pictures courtesy of Dr. Ng Kuan Choong of Lasus Clinic)
What is Accent Ultra?
The Accent Ultra, which features Selective and “Cold” Ultrasound, is a non-surgical technology that provokes the immediate and gradual break-up of fat cell membranes without damage to surrounding tissues. Furthermore by uniting ultrasound with the UniForm handpiece and radiofrequency energy, patients not only enjoy fat reduction and dermal tightening, but quicker procedural sessions too. In fact, after just one treatment, fat layers will continually collapse and compact within 7 to 14 days. Once the lysate is dispersed into interstitial fluid, it will be carried away by lymphatic and vascular systems naturally, resulting in toned, svelte contours. As clarified, since Accent Ultra is a non-surgical solution, I recommend at least five sessions for optimal results. 
What is Smartlipo?
Smartlipo or laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive treatment that’s able to melt fat through the passing of thin fibre-optic lasers at differing wavelengths under the skin. In addition to fat destruction, patients will experience added dermal tightening due to the laser-derived heating. Dissimilar to conventional liposuction, Smartlipo is largely effective on small regions of adipose tissue like the lower belly, love handles, arms and double chin. Because it’s considered a minor procedure where an incision is made, treatments will require one to two hours to complete. During the procedure, targeted areas will be numbed with local anaesthesia and once patients are comfortable, a thin tube or cannula is inserted into the incision point and later, moved around in order to zap and liquefy fats. Despite Smartlipo’s ability to produce instantaneous results, patients may only find outcomes after side effects such as transitory bruising and swelling subside. Laser lipolysis procedures can only treat one region per time so those looking to target more fat pockets are recommended to return for follow-ups. 
What supplementary body contouring treatments do you offer at the Lasus Clinic?
There is no supplementary treatment better than a healthy diet and lifestyle. Think about it, what’s the point of spending all that money on clinical procedures if you’re not going maintain its fabulous results? Here at the Lasus Clinic, we can help patients adapt to healthier practices by recommending better diets and lifestyles including fitness regimes. In the event where patients uphold good habits but still desire clinical maintenance procedures, I can recommend the non-invasive Tri.Active treatment after Smartlipo to induce effective lymphatic drainage and cellulite reduction. 

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