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February 19, 12:00 PM

Italian Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Claudio Catalisano says that studies prove that intimate trophic modifications brought upon by labour and menopause have effects on women’s sexual health, self-esteem and quality of life. Women in Asian regions not only report higher birth rates, but also are similarly unexposed to modern treatment modalities that offer aesthetic gynaecological solutions.
Italian Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Claudio Catalisano
Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) and post-delivery indications normally affect in problems including vulvar and vaginal atrophy, prolapse, stress urinary incontinence (SUI), dyspareunia (painful sex) and vaginal laxity. While Asian female patients are still uncomfortable speaking of such issues, awareness is fast-growing. In fact, genital aesthetic and cosmetic procedures have gained significant growth over the last few years. Different surgical techniques like labiaplasty, resections and injectables have long been proposed but like most medical sectors, doctors are turning to light and energy-based solutions as procedures aren’t just easy to master, but also free from severe complications. However, not all device-based techniques are the same. Some may only treat singular problems while others may result in side effects. 
 Dr. Catalisano explains how the EVA™ genital rejuvenation system works, and reveals why it may well be the only available device to non-invasively treat multiple indications without discomfort or downtime. 
 What is the EVA system?
EVA™ genital rejuvenation system
EVA™ is a genital rejuvenation system. Featuring two handpieces, it’s the latest radiofrequency (RF) device to trigger anatomical remodelling of the vulva and vaginal tissues. The system’s innovative Dynamic Quadripolar RF (DQRF™) technology is backed by advanced research by the Italian Company, Novavision Group. Thanks to this technology, patients enjoy superiorities of focalised heat generated by RF waves. As such, doctors are able to perform safe, effective treatments without discounting patient comfort and tolerability.  
 How does it work?
 EVA™ is a radiofrequency (RF) device. RF works by converting electromagnetic waves into heat which interact with tissues, generating controlled thermal change. Unlike lasers, non-ablative RF generates heat in a less aggressive manner. By applying controlled heat to tissues, we’re encouraging anatomical remodelling and rejuvenation of tissues through thermal fibroblast reactivation and new collagen and elastin stimulation. Moreover, RF similarly increases vascularisation and recalls liquid. With such targeted effects, together with EVA™’s DQRF™ focused action, patients are promised more targeted heat and better efficacy. 
 How does the EVA system benefit patients?
EVA™ has capabilities of treating common vulvo-vaginal pathologies. These include GSM and post-delivery indications including early vaginal prolapse, vaginal atrophy and laxity, dyspareunia and mild SUI. EVA™’s treatments are comfortable, lunchtime procedures. Feeling akin to warm heat, treatments have zero downtime, which means patients can return to normal activity immediately after. After two years of experience with EVA™, I can say with certainty that it has massive potential due to its clinical research and attention to safety. With EVA™’s RF Safety Systems (RSS™) technology, and its sensors and detectors plus advanced control software, patients are guaranteed safety and efficiency. Likewise, because the device monitors handpiece movement, excessive stationary positions are prevented, thereby avoiding prolonged energy administration. Its temperature detection abilities help operators to regulate rising temperatures, ensuring energies are harmless yet successful. Finally, with EVA™’s bio-feedback button, patients can choose to stop or pause RF emissions at any given time should discomfort be encountered.  
 How does EVA compare to other competing treatments or systems in the market?
 There are many aesthetic gynaecological treatments available. If patients are seeking invasive solutions, there are surgeries like labiaplasty, resections and fat transfer. Should injectables be desired, doctors may recommend treatments like hyaluronic acid fillers, PRP or lipofilling. These procedures while very effective, will involve post-procedural downtime, anaesthesia, possible complications and are skill-dependent. 
 In the event patients prefer non-invasive solutions that pose reduced instances of after-effects and complications, there are of course systemic hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), local HRT, laser treatments and other forms of RF. Many patients have historically steered clear of HRT because of its links to cancer, venous thromboembolism, heart disease strokes and osteoporosis. Furthermore, local HRT applications can be bothersome as daily application is required. Lasers, on the other hand, are ablative procedures. Apart from the risk of burns and long-term side effects, there are added instances of repeated shots to single areas, and possibilities of too little or too much energy.  The procedure is also operator-dependent. Finally, and because lasers are ablative, patients suffer downtime and are recommended to avoid physical activities, including sex, for at least two weeks. 
RF treatments, in my opinion, offer the best aesthetic gynaecological solutions because they’re free from severe complications. RF is also available in multiple forms and divided into monopolar, bipolar and dynamic quadripolar RF energies. Unlike monopolar and bipolar RF which requires cooling systems, and have poor capabilities of targeting specific areas, dynamic quadripolar offers focused, targeted action for safer treatment and patient tolerability.

Local Perspectives
 On July 30, 2018, Delta Medisains hosted a lunch symposium, introducing the innovative EVA™ system. Here’s what the attendees had to say about the ground-breaking technology. 
Dr. Elisse Lim
Dr. Elisse Lim: After trying my hand at the EVA™ system, I found the technology to not only be user-friendly but also similarly well tolerated by patients. Based on feedback, patients have reported tolerable sensations and zero downtime after EVA™ treatments. In fact, because of its discernible results and comfortable sessions, my patients have consistently returned for follow-ups, resulting in better clinical outcomes. 
Dr. Ng Ying Ching
Dr. Ng Ying Ching: I’m interested in the EVA ™system because I have patients with complaints of vaginal dryness and impeded sexual activity. As of yet, I don’t have any devices which can improve genital indications. Therefore, I believe EVA™ may be a good solution, as treatments are comfortable, with minimal chances of severe complications. 
Dr. Lee Zhao Ing
Dr. Lee Zhao Ing: I’m captivated by the EVA™ system because it’s an inventive technique which treats multiple symptoms without side effects. I’ve previously tested other vaginal tightening machines like C02 lasers but unlike EVA™, lasers ablate the skin, resulting in downtime and an avoidance of sexual activity and exercise. 

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