Better bodies with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology (The Ulstam Solution)

More people than ever before have turned to the hundreds of solutions offered on the internet in order to achieve the ideal body. Whether it's a crazy fad diet or a plastic suit, people are willing to try almost anything just to look like the celebs on TV. With Ulstam there's no need to look any further. Utilizing Revolutionary technology, this aesthetic workstation can lend a helping hand to attaining the body of your dreams. Aesthetic Physician, Dr. Shaharom Sulaiman tells us more.

Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Magazine - January 2, 01:09 PM

What is Ulstam?
Ulstam is a device that is equipped with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology that is used for the ablation of unwanted subcutaneous adipose tissue as a non-invasive method of body sculpting. This rapidly maturing technology has been used in the past for treatments of various medical conditions including prostate cancer, uterine fibroids, neurological disorders and others.
Aesthetic Physician, Dr. Shaharom Sulaiman
For cosmetic purposes, HIFU is used to tighten the skin of the area that is being treated. The mechanism is similar to using a magnifying glass to focus sunlight. High intensity, concentrated ultrasound energy is delivered with precision through a convex lens that is incorporated in the handpiece, creating a tightening effect to the treatment area. The handpiece is also equipped with four HIFU transducers that enable the destruction of fat cells without damaging the skin. Unlike treatments using radio frequency or cryotherapy, Ulstam does not transfer any energy onto the skin, thus leaving the skin and surrounding tissues unharmed after the procedure. 
What can patients expect during treatment and how long do the results last?
Before any treatments are administered, there will be a thorough consultation session with the patient. A thick layer of gel will be applied on the area pre-treatment. There is no numbing cream required because patients only feel a moderate prickling sensation during the procedure and an ice pack seems to do the trick in reducing the sensation. The entire process will only take approximately an hour to complete and since this is a walk in walk out procedure, there is no downtime involved. 
The results achieved with Ulstam do vary depending on the size of the patient. Patients generally will notice a reduction in size and tighter skin within a two-week period. I usually recommend my patients to get at least three to five sessions done with an interval of a month in between each treatment to achieve optimal results. Ulstam produces thermal cellular disruption and fat cell necrosis, enabling the results to last longer. However, patients do also need to put in the effort to control their weight so that the results can be maintained for a long period of time. 
 What are the risks and side effects associated with Ulstam?
HIFU is proven to be safe so the risk that comes with the treatment is very low. However, in some cases, if the handpiece is not in full contact with the skin, there is a possibility of a mild edema. Patients that have cardiac issues, a fatty liver, are pregnant, lactating or have a fat thickness of less than 15 millimeters should avoid treatments with this machine.
 What are your personal opinions on Ulstam and how have your patients responded to treatments using this machine?
Ultsam is backed up by such renowned technology and the results produced speak for itself. What I love about Ulstam is that it offers two different cartridges, a 7 millimeter and 13 millimeter cartridge that allow easy access to various parts of the body with different fat thickness. The smaller cartridge is used for the forearm and thigh while the 13 millimeter cartridge is used for the abdomen. The added transducers also allow high density energy to be delivered accurately and rapidly to the targeted fat cells. 
My patients have responded excellently to treatments with Ulstam and exceptionally good results are seen when it comes to breast lifting and tightening. I use this machine to also treat patients with uneven skin after liposuction. Ulstam is definitely a fast and safe way of getting a slimmer body without the complications and risks that can arise by going under the knife. 

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