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March 12, 11:46 AM

The V20 by Viora Medical Solutions is a multi-use, multi-platform, multi-handpiece system. Part of the V-series, V20 delivers comprehensive solutions for the most requested aesthetic indications. With FDA and CE approvals, V20 presents proven control, flexibility, safety and reproducibility. Likewise, by engaging Viora’s custom-developed combination protocols, superior clinical efficacy is at your fingertips. In fact, by accessing Viora’s V20 multi-energy, multi handpiece system, you determine what technologies are needed and when – while optimising floor space and costs. In short, Viora’s V20 diversified platform delivers. Here’s Dr. Elisse Lim from the Ckinderella Clinic to explain why. 
Aesthetic Physician, Dr Elisse Lim
What is the Viora V20?
Viora V20 is a breakthrough system offering next generation solutions. It involves a multi-technology platform comprising both radiofrequency (RF) and light energies in one device, providing convenient and effective treatment results for the skin and body. Aside from a multi-platform, multi-energy system, which efficaciously stimulates skin tightening, resurfacing and rejuvenation, it offers three unique handpieces namely, the V-ST, V-FR and V-IPL. All handpieces are conveniently placed, allowing quick, interchangeable usage at an arm’s length.  
What are V20’s many handpieces and how do they benefit patients?
The V-ST handpiece provides skin-tightening benefits. It utilises bipolar RF energy with CORE™  (Channeling Optimised RF Energy) technology. The V-ST handpiece comprises four channels (mode I, II, III and IV). Mode I, II and, III target differing skin depths. For example, mode I penetrates the deepest dermis, with energies turning shallower as modes advance. Mode IV however, incorporates all channels, stimulating all dermal layers.  Due to its formidable capacity to treat multiple dermal depths, immediate benefits are skin tightening and rejuvenation on fine lines and wrinkles, droopy eyelids, turkey neck sagginess or stretch marks. 
V-Form is the powerful handpiece customised for facial and body contouring as well as cellulite reduction. With integrated CORE™ technology, the bipolar RF can easily heat desired skin depths including thinner, sensitive regions like the forehead, jaw and underarms, with 100 percent response rates. Due to V-Form’s advanced energy-delivery and technology, patients enjoy rapid facial and body contouring results, plus fat and cellulite reduction without downtime. 
V-FR is the fractionated RF handpiece, affecting in excellent dermal resurfacing, rejuvenation, and acne scar clearance. It utilises Viora’s innovative SVC™ technology, which simultaneously treats, vacuums and cools the skin to deliver unprecedented penetration depth control, minus excessive epidermal injury. The handpiece’s discernible benefits are especially effective for skin resurfacing and the reduction of post-acne scars. When compared against conventional fractional C02 systems, the V-FR delivers lesser downtime, and improved treatment comfort. 
V-IPL is the intense pulsed light handpiece. It comes with five interchangeable filters – 415nm, 530nm, 570nm, 580nm and 630nm – ensuring complete treatment coverage for all skin types and conditions. With PCR™ technology – which generates various pulse structures and adjustable pulse durations (from single to rapid pulses) – doctors are assured that all skin types and indications are targeted and treatable. Patients undergoing V-IPL’s treatment enjoy a myriad of advantages including hair removal, skin rejuvenation, reduced pigmented lesions and improved acne clearance. 
When can patients expect positive results, and how many treatments does one need?
Patients can expect discernible outcomes after the first treatment. Moreover, effects continually improve over time, peaking after four to six weeks, depending on treatment type. I strongly recommend six to eight treatments for sustainable results. In the event of severe post-acne scarring however, more sessions may be needed for optimal results. 
What are your personal opinions of the V20?
In my opinion, the V20 produces one-stop-shop solutions for multiple skin problems and conditions. Because most problems are targeted with one machine, I can focus my skills and master V20’s qualities to deliver optimal treatment results. In addition, the V20 has received FDA-approval and CE certification. These strong research trials and successful clinical studies prove its worth, emboldening my confidence in its abilities.

How does the V20 compare against other competing systems in the market?
Viora’s V20 surpasses the limitations of single application machines. With total solution devices like the V20, doctors can provide head-to-toe rewards within a single system. Besides, we also benefit from tremendous cost savings and space optimisation due to the reduced number of single-application machines. 
How have patients responded to the V20?

My patients have been surprised, yet happy with its results. This is because the V20 delivers quick, safe and complete dermal outcomes and benefits. Aside from efficacious skin tightening effects, the V20 similarly treats blemishes, scars, lines, wrinkles and photo-aged skin. Ultimately, patients have enjoyed smoother, more lifted visages due to V20’s excellent rejuvenative capabilities. These great advantages have encouraged positive feedback and further recommendations to friends and family. 
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