3D Smile Design (Part 3 of 4)

3D smile designby Datin Dr. Alice Wong

June 30, 10:20 AM

Consultant Dentist, Datin Dr. Alice Wong
In modern dentistry practice, more patients are demanding highly aesthetic treatment outcomes. To meet needs and improve attractiveness, clinicians need to carry out a comprehensive facial and dental assessment that will analyse smiles and facial features in an objective and standardised manner so that patient dissatisfaction and concerns are addressed. Ultimately, the fundamental criteria for aesthetic analysis should include facial, dentogingival and dental aesthetics. 
Facial analysis is performed via reference lines from which standardised parameters have been developed for frontal and profile views of the face. The horizontal reference lines used in frontal analysis comprise the interpupillary and intercommisural lines that provide an overall sense of harmony and horizontal perspective in the aesthetically-pleasing face. The vertical reference lines include the facial midline, dental midlines and mandibular midline. These are crossed against each other to assess symmetry and cant. Symmetry can also be assessed by dividing the face into horizontal thirds and vertical fifths that measure proportions. The parameters used for profile analysis include the facial profile angle that can indicate the underlying skeletal pattern, as well as the Ricketts E-Plane and nasolabial angle to assess lip position. The facial analysis will not only provide information on facial aesthetics, but can also serve as a guideline to determine shape and dental proportion. 

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