FATS Bangkok 2017

The annual FATS (Forum of Adipose Tissue and Stem cell) event returned once again and this time, over 100 delegates from around the region were treated to three days of live surgery, presentations and panel discussions by the world’s leading fat transfer and regenerative medicine specialists.
Held from 21 to 23 April 2017 in Bangkok, the event’s first day revolved around live surgeries and delegates gathered at the Ramathibodi Hospital to watch and discuss how different procedure were carried out. Among these live operations were regenerative surgery for scleroderma and rejuvenation with Dr. Guy Magalon, Scarpexies technique for minimally invasive breast lift with Dr. Michele Zocchi and office-based local anaesthesia plus small volume fat harvesting and SVF isolation with Dr. Kasey Sung. After a lunch symposium, the second half of live surgeries continued with augmentation blepharoplasty and hand rejuvenation with microfat and nanofat by Dr. Patrick Tonnard, Micro-Autologous Fat Transplantation with Dr. Lin Tsai Ming and lipostructure by Ultrasound Lypolisis and facial fat grafting with PRFM with Dr. Kasey Sung.
On the event’s second day, delegates and guests were invited for a full day of talks and lectures at the exquisite Okura Prestige Hotel. By 9am, delegates gathered in the hall and listened intently to lectures and presentations by speakers and key opinion leaders in adipose tissue and stem cells. Among such keynote speakers were Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura who discussed fat grafting and implants in the breasts, Dr. Marco Klinger who presented on facial fat grafting and fat grafting to stenotic breasts and Dr. Michele Zocchi who spoke on his 20-year long study of large volume fat transfer to the breasts and Acellular Adipose Matrix. Other keynote speakers included, Dr. Patrick Tonnard who discussed nanofat grafting and the role of fat in centrofacial rejuvenation and Dr. Guy Magalon who presented on scleroderma and Crohn’s fistulas treatment with fat grafting and SVF.
On the event’s third and last day, panel discussions occurred. The first technical panel discussion was regarding anaesthesia, infiltration and suction while the second technical discussion revolved around topics such as fat processing and injection. The FATS Bangkok 2017 conference was indeed a success. Attendees and delegates offered glowing reviews and were very satisfied with the many presentations and live surgeries by over 14 experts and key opinion leaders.

Accent Prime Launch

The next generation body contouring and skin tightening solution, Accent Prime by HealMatrix was launched on 27 March 2017 at Aloft Hotel KL. Before the event began, attendees were first treated to a delicious lunch.
At 2pm, doctors and members of the media entered the ballroom and watched as local celebrities including, Dafi, Ismaliza AF, Reyhana and Mya Matahari made their way into the room. After the welcome speech, Vice-President of the Spanish Medical Association of Aesthetic Lasers, Dr. Pablo Naranjo gave a talk on the Accent Prime system while Dr. Aidil Azry gave his personal opinions of the device. Doctors and guests were also treated to a live demonstration of the treatment as well.

Creeping Blindness

On 30 March 2017, Novartis Malaysia hosted the ‘Creeping Blindness’ event by inviting members of the media to a Dining in The Dark experience.
Aimed at improving glaucoma awareness and the future of its treatments, guests listened to speeches by Consultant Ophthalmologists, Associate Prof. Jemaima Che Hamzah and Dato’ Dr. Linda Teoh as they explained the prevalence and impact of glaucoma in Malaysia and the current treatment landscape of this disease plus the role of fixed-combination therapies and treatments. Later, Sharon Ooi, a patient currently living with glaucoma, took to the stage to speak of her journey and living with the disease and how treatments have improved her quality of life. After the talk, guests were treated to the unique Dining in The Dark experience where everyone dined in complete darkness, giving us a glimpse into how blind people live every day.

Sisley Leg Pampering Session

On March 21 2017, members of the media and beauty bloggers were treated to a leg pampering session which included a pedicure and foot massage utilising Sisley’s new product –White Ginger Contouring Oil For Legs.
After reserving specific timeslots, members of the media made their way to the Westin Hotel for their treatment. Upon arrival, experienced beauty therapists were on site to provide an affair so relaxing, it was difficult to stay awake. The White Ginger Contouring Oil uses four targeted actions to provide all-encompassing, effective relief for heavy and tired legs. With abilities of not only contouring and toning the legs, this Sisley product also offers draining and nourishing action to leave skin feeling supple, soft and velvety smooth. The White Ginger Contouring Oil retails at RM650 and can be found at any Sisley counter.

Pico Genesis Launch

The Pico Genesis laser device by Cutera was officially launched at the Clique Clinic on 14 April 2017. Attended by local celebrities including Bernie Chan and Emily Lim, the event kicked off with a speech by Gladys Cheng, founder of Skin M.D and the Clique Clinic.
According to Clique’s Medical Director, Dr. Lim Ting Song, Pico Genesis is an innovative device that’s able to use dual wavelengths and ultra-short lasers pulses to effectively provide brighter, more youthful visages without many treatment sessions. This is due to the device’s ability to deliver the widest range of energies at many wavelengths with high safety profiles. This unique system is now locally accessible and only available at the Clique Clinic. Celebrity Emily Lim found Pico Genesis’ treatment to be immediately effective without risks of downtime or pain. Bernie Chan’s trial resulted in diminished acne scars and she added that she now uses less foundation during makeup application.
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